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It's not weed; it's industrial hemp. Can it make a comeback in Iowa? - Cannabis News

The momentum for legalizing industrial hemp in America is building. Iowa supporters of the once-prevalent crop, though, have moved on from being eager about its possibilities to anxious to get growing.

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Five Iowa medical marijuana stores gain state approval - Cannabis News

Iowans looking to buy medical marijuana products could have options across the state, starting in December.

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More Iowans Allowed to Use, But Not Buy, Medical Marijuana - Cannabis News

Iowa passed emergency rules Tuesday to expand the list of medical conditions that allow a patient to use medical marijuana.

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New push for medical marijuana in Iowa Senate - Cannabis News

A new initiative seeking to legalize medical marijuana has been unveiled in the Iowa Senate, and the proposal will have its first test on Wednesday.

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Medical cannabis could see movement in Iowa – Cannabis News

With Iowa’s limited medical cannabis laws set to expire in July, state legislators and medical marijuana advocates say they see an opportunity to rewrite a more comprehensive set of rules when the Legislature reconvenes in January.

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State legislators consider hemp in Iowa – Cannabis News

Could Iowa soon see a new cash crop, among our fields of corn and soybeans? The big topic at the State Capitol Monday was hemp.

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Hemp backers eager to grow support for the crop in Iowa – Cannabis News

WASHINGTON — Supporters of industrial hemp are optimistic the crop has a future in a state known for sweeping fields of corn and soybeans.

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Iowa governor willing to renew law allowing use of cannabis oil – Cannabis News

Governor Terry Branstad remains opposed to legalizing marijuana for recreational use in Iowa, but Branstad says he’s willing to work with advocates worried about the soon-to-end Iowa law that decriminalized possession of cannabis oil for treatment of chronic epilepsy.

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Iowans push for expanded medical cannabis options – Cannabis News

DES MOINES | Sick, suffering Iowans and their children came to the Iowa Capitol building Tuesday to urge voters to research legislative candidates' position on expanding access to medical cannabis.

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Compassionate Cannabis Rally Held at Iowa Capitol – Marijuana News

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowans 4 Medical Cannabis hosted a Compassionate Cannabis Rally at the Capitol on Tuesday to support legislation that would expand the state's current medical cannabis law.

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Iowa Poll: Medical marijuana draws 78 percent support – Marijuana News

More than three-quarters of Iowans now favor allowing people to use marijuana as medicine, but most remain opposed to legalizing it for recreation, a new Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll shows.

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A bill legalizing cannabis oil use progresses in Iowa – Marijuana News

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A bill that would create a system for manufacturing, dispensing and possessing medical marijuana in Iowa has advanced in the Legislature with several changes.

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Court orders Iowa State University to allow T-shirts with marijuana leaf – Marijuana News

A district court issued a permanent injunction Friday prohibiting Iowa State University administrators from using trademark policy to stop a campus group from printing university-themed T-shirts that depict a marijuana leaf.

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Small part of Iowa votes to legalize medical, rec marijuana

MACY, Neb. —Leaders of the Omaha Tribe in Nebraska are considering land in western Iowa for growing marijuana.


The Sioux City Journal newspaper reports tribal members approved three referendums Tuesday giving the Tribal Council the authority to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational use and to grow plants for industrial hemp.

Tribal Chairman Vernon Miller says a study will examine whether the business would make financial sense.

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