He said of his trip to Colorado, "it removed all doubt in my mind that this is the right thing to do for Indiana," saying it would "save lives."

The Indiana Hemp Industries Association wants to make industrial hemp a billion-dollar industry over the next two years, but its greatest obstacle may be overcoming stigma.

A bill allowing children with epilepsy to use hemp extract will be heading to the Senate floor for a vote, though some lawmakers were concerned about the need or potential abuse of the product.

INDIANAPOLIS — When the Indiana Legislature allowed a Senate committee to hear testimony on a medical marijuana-related bill, some proponents saw a glimmer of hope.

INDIANA -- A former Marine says access to medical marijuana means life or death for many veterans across Indiana.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Nearly three quarters of respondents to a new statewide survey think Indiana should legalize medical marijuana.

Firefighter and former Marine hopes to convince lawmakers to legalize medicinal use in Indiana.

Members of Congress have taken note as well, questioning whether medical marijuana could be a solution to an over-prescribing crisis involving veterans nationwide.

Has it already been a year since the First Church of Cannabis tested Indiana's religious freedom law and held its first service at its southeast side church? Holy smoke.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Marijuana’s high-less cousin is a step closer to returning to Indiana. Lawmakers have allowed the state seed commissioner to license farmers to grow industrial hemp - if and when the federal government stops treating it like a Schedule I drug.

INDIANAPOLIS – Lawmakers may crack a door for use of medical marijuana by protecting doctors involved in drug trials from prosecution.



On Tuesday, a group of lawmakers endorsed clearing the way for medical studies of cannabis oil - a non-psychoactive extract of the marijuana plant that’s illegal in Indiana.

The measure falls far short of the acceptance advocated by some parents and lawmakers. They want state clearance to use the controversial drug for all children with seizure disorders - not just those involved in a study.