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Tribal Marijuana Conference: A 10-Year Window for Tribes to Capitalize
Culture & Arts
Jacqueline Keeler ~ Indian Country Today   On Saturday, February 28 some 75 tribal leaders from across the country met to discuss forming the first “Tribal Cannabis Association” at the Tulalip Resort Casino on the Tulalip Reservation in Washington State.
Texas Republican Mounts Pro-Marijuana Campaign, Bible in Hand
Arit John ~ Bloomberg   State Representative David Simpson says God made cannabis, and the government doesn’t need to fix that.
A majority favors marijuana legalization for first time, according to American authoritative survey
Top Stories
Christopher Ingraham ~ The Washington Post   For the first time, the General Social Survey - a large, national survey conducted every two years and widely considered to represent the gold standard for public opinion research - shows a majority of Americans favoring the legalization of marijuana.
Mitch McConnell has a Love Affair with Hemp
JAMES HIGDON ~ Politico   How the Kentucky senator picked a fight with the DEA and became one of Washington’s top drug policy reformers.
Forbes: Industrial hemp might be right for Iowa farmers
U.S. News
state Rep. John Forbes ~ The Des Moines Register   Industrial hemp is enjoying a huge resurgence of interest on the part of industry, farmers, nutritionists and green consumers. Could it be in the mix for Iowa agriculture?
The Republican argument to end marijuana prohibition
Niraj Chokshi ~ The Washington Post   Texas Republican Rep. David Simpson wants to end marijuana prohibition.
Marijuana Investor Summit 2015 runs for 3 full days, April 20 - April 22.
Real Estate
Cannabis Advertising: Is Pot Obscene?
Law & Crime
HILARY BRICKEN ~    As cannabis becomes big business, magazines, newspapers, and television stations have begun attempting to lure cannabis providers to pay for advertising space to promote their product. As you would probably expect, the laws permitting cannabis advertising are murky at best.
DC Cannabis Legalization Victory is a Win for Bitcoin (Op-Ed)
U.S. News
Allen Scott ~ Coin Telegraph   A major milestone was achieved February 26, 2015 when Washington DC officially legalized cannabis for recreational use. Could this historic move in America’s capital also bolster the chances for another disruptive industry, namely cryptocurrencies?
Medical marijuana trial pits state vs. federal laws
Law & Crime
Trevor Hughes ~ USA Today   SPOKANE, Wash. — Federal prosecutors are trying to persuade a jury that a cancer-stricken man and his family were illegally growing and distributing marijuana in the forest outside their northeastern Washington home despite claims by the "Kettle Falls Five" that they were instead raising legal medical cannabis for their personal use.
The state of the cannabis industry, 2015 - Part 2
Top Stories
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy   Positive economic and political factors make analysts wonder if the stars lining up in favor of the cannabis industry
Medical marijuana industry competes for scarce investment dollars
World News
Geordon Omand ~ The Canadian Press   VANCOUVER - The free-for-all era of Canada's commercial medical marijuana industry is over as a new crop of growers try to woo scarce investment dollars in an increasingly competitive business, observers say.
Women nearly twice as likely to see regular cannabis use as risky
Medical News
Medical News Today   Researchers at Columbia University and Johns Hopkins University have identified nonwhite, low-income women aged over 50 as most likely to perceive regularly using cannabis as a risky activity, with women nearly twice as likely to perceive a risk compared with men.
State Of Pot In Colorado A Year After Marijuana Legalization
Nicole Arce ~ Tech Times   Colorado has released its first annual report on the status of the marijuana market a year after legalization in the state. It shows a growing industry that has sold nearly 75 tons of cannabis flower and almost 50 million units of pot edibles.
Marijuana Crowdfunding Platform CannaFundr Wants to Seed the Weed Industry
Business & Finance
Jim Dallke ~ Chicago Inno   As marijuana laws across the United States begin to change, a host of startups have emerged in what is now one of America's fastest-growing industries: cannabis production.
Cannabis conference draws a packed house in DC
Lots of people attended a cannabis conference in DC over the weekend. WUSA