Cannabis Journalism Class At University of Denver Tackles A Trailblazing Trend

University of Denver Professor Andrew Matranga. Photo credit: CBS

Britt Moreno ~ CBS Denver ~

The college course is called Cannabis Journalism: reporting and covering the new normal.

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Marijuana Gains Traction In Fight Against Diabetes And Obesity

The future of hemp is being cultivated at U.S. academic institutions

John McKay, CSU associate professor of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management, and Ph.D. student Brian Campbell research industrial hemp. Image: Colorado State University
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~
Researchers are taking advantage of new federal measures that allow universities to conduct research on industrial hemp.
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UGA researcher's maps show where pot's expensive and where it's not

Image via

Lee Shearer ~ ~

A University of Georgia graduate student used crowdsourcing to take a look at marijuana prices across the country.
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How is a pro-pot state like Colorado keeping teens away from marijuana?

Todd Mitchem is CEO of an app-based social network for cannabis enthusiasts, High There! He says legal recreational marijuana has changed the pot conversation for him and other parents. Image: AP via Christian Science Monitor.
Colorado's initial efforts to deter teens from taking up marijuana drew criticism for recycling Drug War-era scare tactics. Public health officials seek to strike a different tone with the 'What's next" campaign.
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Evolving Attitudes, and Science, about Marijuana

Reefer Madness, also titled A Burning Question in some prints, was a 1930s propaganda film intended to spook parents about drug use. Image via BU.

Rich Barlow ~ BU Today ~

Boston University course surveys America’s pot policy through the decades.

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N.Y. medical marijuana wannabes line up training for workers

medical marijuana
Claire Hughes ~ Times Union ~
New York companies looking to legally produce medical marijuana and keep within new state regulations are partnering with professional trainers, to teach employees how to properly cultivate the plant.
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Cannabis college hosts D.C. marijuana seminar

Image of Oaksterdam University holding a cannabis seminar for those interested in the product. (WTOP/Dennis Foley)
Oaksterdam University brings to Washington, D.C. the city’s first certified career training program for candidates seeking to enter the legal cannabis industry.
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