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15 Factors That Affect Delta 8 THC Longevity

Gradually and steadily, all cannabinoids like CBD, THC 8, CBG, CBN, etc., are getting the attention they deserve. Though studies are still at the early stages, all of these compounds have shown promising medicinal benefits.

We all know THC 8 has blown the market, and marijuana users turn towards Delta 8 THC. Known as the little sister of THC 9, it is famously known for giving a smooth high.

Some benefits of high quality THC Delta 8 are boosts energy levels, great for appetite, mellow and clear-headed, providing you with high, relieves pain and inflammation.

It does not make you feel overwhelmed, chaotic and paranoid unlike, THC 9. If you are consuming THC 8 for the first time or are just a regular user, you should know the factors that enhance and reduce the longevity of THC 8. It depends on many factors which are different for each person. let us see what those factors are-

 Factors that affect the longevity of delta 8 THC


Quality of THC 8

If you purchase THC 8 from a brand that does not have a third-party test certificate, is cheap, or is not transparent about anything related to the ingredient list or the procedure, stay away from them. Everything written on their product or website could be false. How do you even know that the product you have purchased contains the exact amount of THC as displayed in the labels, or does it even contain THC 8? We all know that this market is not regulated, and the trust between the brand and the customer is everything here. Also, we should keep in mind that extracting THC 8 is an expensive process. All these factors play a huge role in deciding the potency and longevity of the product. So we should do our research before buying it.


Consumption Method

The most important thing on which the longevity of the THC 8 depends is the form in which you take it. Edibles are said to have the longest staying power. Though they also take the longest to show the effects.

The rate of absorption varies on how we consume THC 8. Smoking and vaping can take 10-15 minutes to show effects and only lasts up to 2-3 hours, whereas edibles can take up to 1-2 hours to start showing the results that stay for a longer time.


Different Brands

Like people, no two THC products can be the same even if they have the same amount of THC in their products. Every THC product will have minor differences. It depends on how THC 8 is produced, what other ingredients are in it, their quantity, and how your body reacts to the products. Some can give you more high, and some will give less; other products will give you the high for a longer time, while some will not. Try different brands before you settle on a single one that will provide you with the extended high you need.


Tolerance levels

If you are a first-time user, chances are you will have a long period of high. If you are a seasoned user of THC 8, then the high will be less when taken the same dose. With time tolerance level increases, and our body gets used to them. The taste, flavor, and smell might get dulled or gone after a long period of use.



It is an obvious one. The dose of THC 8 also determines how long the effects will last. If you eat a 30 mg Delta 8 THC edible and a 15 mg edible, the former would have longer-lasting results. The quantity will decide the longevity of the product.


Alcohol with THC

Consuming alcohol before THC 8 may prolong its results. You must have seen people taking alcohol before weed for higher and long-lasting effects. It is not a good idea; drinking before consuming THC8 can heighten THC levels in the body. There are not many studies on THC 8 and alcohol. However, THC 8 and THC 9's effects are similar, except THC 8 is far less potent. It may give you lasting results.


Body type

Your height, weight, age, diet, health will affect how your body responds to THC 8, or for that matter, any cannabinoid.



People with high metabolism are considered blessed, but not if you want a lasting high. THC 8 is processed rapidly for someone who has a higher metabolism, and the effects will disappear quickly as a result.



Potency can also affect the lasting power sometimes. The more the product is potent, the lasting effects it will have. Hemp flowers can give you lasting results. Hemp that is grown inside is said to be strong.THC 8 is infused in hemp flowers, is highly powerful since they are pure, raw, and contains all the other terpenes and flavonoids. 


Taking breaks

Taking breaks can help you keep your THC 8 high for a prolonged period. Someone who takes THC 8 as a part of their daily routine should consider taking a break. Over time, our body gets used to it, and we have to increase the dose to feel the same effects. As mentioned in the fifth point, our tolerance level increases. If we know how and when to take breaks, then the longevity and potency of THC 8 will remain the same for a long time.



Your delta 8 product might expire/go bad sooner if you do not store it properly. All the hemp compounds are organic products with an expiration date. They might perish/go bad before time if you do not store them properly. The other compounds present in THC 8 degrade slowly, and over time, they will not be as potent and long-lasting if not kept aptly. Factors like light, temperature, and humidity can affect their potency and longevity.


Empty stomach

THC 8 on an empty stomach is not recommended especially, for a novice. Seasoned users take THC 8 on an empty stomach to get quick and powerful effects. It kicks hard on an empty stomach and can give you lasting results. However, if you are not used to it, it will be more like side effects. However, you can have a 50%-60% full stomach for pleasant effects. A full stomach also absorbs some of the chemicals, resulting in a shorter high.



Mixing cannabis with medications is a big no. It can increase or decrease the potency and longevity. Please avoid this as it could be life-threatening.



Some specific vitamin supplements can also affect the longevity of Delta 8 THC. If you take supplements such as vitamin B12 or Creatinine, try to observe and check if there is any difference between taking THC with and without vitamins.



I know it may sound contradictory because people use CBD and THC 8 together all the time and, it is also available in products together for better results, but that is not the whole truth. The smooth high that THC gives is the complete opposite of the calming effects that CBD provides; it dulls your high. According to studies, CBD blocks the cannabinoid receptors in the brain and prevents the THC 9 high. Though, there are no studies on THC 8 regarding this. CBD may also do the same for THC 8. So if you consume CBD also, see if having CBD after THC 8 dulls the effects and if the answer is yes, try to take them at different times.


These were some of the factors that can affect the lastingness of Delta 8 THC. Nevertheless, please do keep in mind that not all of these can affect the longevity of everyone. It is all about trial and error.


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