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Cannabis-fueled women's retreats are now officially a thing - Cannabis News

It’s been scientifically proven that a woo-woo vacation can make you feel a little bit high, but one new retreat series is taking that concept to a whole new—and ultra-literal—level.

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Oregon's first pot friendly campground? It could be Smoke on the Water Lake Selmac - Cannabis News

It's marijuana-friendly because state law allows marijuana use on private property.

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A New Breed of Entrepreneurs are Creating the Perfect, Cannabis-Themed Wedding - Cannabis News

Wedding season is approaching, if not already here. And in cannabis-friendly states, a growing number of people are tying the knot with ceremonies and/or receptions that have incorporated marijuana into their celebrations.

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Weed legalization: 5 ways marijuana could change your city – Cannabis News

Beyond the potential tax revenue that could be coming to states across the country, how will the spread of legalized cannabis affect the American landscape?

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California: Creating Humboldt County’s marijuana tourism market – Cannabis News

With the potential end to California’s prohibition on recreational cannabis now before voters in November, it poises to open Humboldt County up to an even larger market.

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Jamaica, Long Opposed to Marijuana, Now Wants to Cash In on It – Cannabis News

Having watched states like Colorado and California generate billions of dollars from marijuana, Jamaica has decided to embrace its herbaceous brand.

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Travel guru Arthur Frommer: ‘Get ready for the era of marijuana, and marijuana tourism’ – Cannabis News

One of the world’s foremost travel authorities is preparing for a Green Rush of marijuana tourism.

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