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Marijuana Legalization 2019: Which States Will Consider Legal Weed - Cannabis News

Terpene extraction is not only a reality but the next new craze in cannabis compound isolation.

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2017’s Hottest Cannabis Technology Innovations – Cannabis News

This year, the cannabis industry is fixing to see a massive explosion in technological innovation as legalization continues to spread at a staggering pace.

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Two men indicted for fraud linked to public hemp CBD company

The key to better health may be found in a mixture of oils.

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Research finds weekly use of marijuana doesn’t compromise physical health

As more states pass legislation about cannabis, the more we are beginning to hear about terpenes and the profound effect they can have on us as cannabis consumers.

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Brittney Griner’s case was difficult for U.S. negotiators for one key reason: She was guilty

There is a surprising science behind how this tropical fruit interacts with cannabis.

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Maine’s ‘first and only cannabis business park’ growing in Auburn - Cannabis News

Hashman Infused marijuana chocolate bars are hand-crafted by a classically trained artisan chocolatier. Photo: Salvador Ingram
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~
Industry experts are watching carefully as more people ingest, rather than smoke,  their cannabis.
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