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Dispensaries Rush to Add “Green Friday” Discount Deals via WeedLife’s WeedPons.com

Website Provides Deep Discounts on Legal Cannabis Products Across the United States.

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Social Life Network, with its unique and multi-faceted business approach to social networking platforms, goes public with the trading symbol WDLF

The tech start-up, co-founded by Shawn Tapp and Andy Rodosevich in 2013, merges digital media, social sharing, ecommerce and software integration; so consumers, business professionals and organizations can connect with one another for faster and easier networking.

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Telling the difference between Hemp and Marijuana

The new collaboration will allow both companies to ensure the widest range of cannabis-related news and information reaches a rapidly-growing global audience.

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NY used to arrest thousands for marijuana each year. Now? Hardly anybody

The new site is a valuable resource for individuals and businesses looking to fund growth and production operations for hemp companies in the state.

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Report: Global Cannabis Market to Surpass $42 Billion by 2024

The two revamped sites are now fully integrated into WeedLife’s ground-breaking network of websites and applications for legal marijuana businesses and consumers – while the SEO deal can assist start-ups competing online with established cannabis businesses.

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Virginia Governor signs legislation to improve medical cannabis access

For the first ten companies or business professionals that take advantage of the offering, the WeedWorthy news network will write and publish press releases at a fraction of the usual cost to them.

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