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Arizonans spent more than $1.4 billion on marijuana in 2022, driven by recreational sales

It's marijuana-friendly because state law allows marijuana use on private property.

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The Hemp & Cannabis Fair comes to the Oregon State Fairgrounds April 1 and 2 - Cannabis News

It is an opportunity to learn about all things hemp and cannabis related including growing, harvesting, medicinal uses and legislation.

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New York takes the grow plunge with outdoor grows upstate

Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries have sold an estimated $102 million in recreational cannabis since January, when the state imposed a 25 percent sales tax on pot.

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Pot plants at Oregon State Fair in a 1st for the U.S. – Cannabis News

Salem, Ore. — Nine living marijuana plants will be displayed at the Oregon State Fair in a first of its kind event for the United States starting next Friday.

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Is Medical Marijuana Tax Deductible? IRS Official Provides 'More Clarity' After Misstatement

PORTLAND, Ore. – Forget stainless steel appliances or master suites. There’s a new selling point in some Portland real estate listings: pot plants.

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Medical cannabis for TMJ? Here’s what the science says

Oregon is the first to feature marijuana anywhere at their state fair.

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Oregon man considered ‘The Willy Wonka of Pot’ – Cannabis News

PENDLETON — In the marijuana world, cannabis breeder Daniel John “D.J.” Short gets rock star raves while simultaneously keeping to the shadows.

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