A Snoop Dogg brand of weed was pretty much inevitable - Marijuana News

Snoop Dogg performing in Hawaii, 2005. Image: U.S. Navy via Wikimedia Commons

Tying a celebrity's name to a brand can be a big deal for marketing. You see it with sportswear and cosmetics all the time.

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High thoughts: Does pot make you more creative?

British-American author Lesley Hazleton discusses the subject of infinity last week during a lecture, presented by the Goodship Academy of Higher Education, at the Cloud Room on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Image: Sy Bean / The Seattle Times/Seattle Times
A lofty lecture series for stoned people aims to shatter some stereotypes, but also raises the question: Are people really more creative and open-minded when high?
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The Pot Scientist Explains All, Via YouTube

Image via YouTube
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy
Trained scientist Carter Baird has created a quirky online persona, with the mission of educating the public about cannabis and the legal marijuana industry.
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Oregon wedding features marijuana bar, budtender

Get ready for a night at home, playing Pipes & Lighters

Pipes & Lighters board game
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~
A Silicon Valley veteran wants to become the next Milton Bradley with his cannabis trivia board game.
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Marijuana Is in the Air and on It

Image of  Marc Paskin, who goes by the name Gary Ganja, on the air in the Smokin 94.1 studio in Denver. Credit Matthew Staver for The New York Times
A look at Colorado’s only pot-themed FM radio station, which made its debut June 1
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