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Smoke, because you can: Inside a legal marijuana dinner – Cannabis News

BOULDER, Colo. – Nervous at first, they enter cautiously through the discreet side door, men in ties and women in high heels, clutching little green gift bags.

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A Beginner's Guide to Marijuana Edibles – Cannabis News

Forays into cannabis cookery.

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This Cannabis Infused Nutella is literally the Best Thing Ever – Cannabis News

If you’re a cannabis fan, your dreams are about to come true. That’s because a Canadian cannabis company is now making cannabis infused Nutella called Chrontella.

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Artisanal marijuana crab cakes: Is this the future of getting high? – Marijuana News

Serious chefs are tinkering with the science of getting high, taking it into more rarefied culinary territory. To the extent permissible by law, of course.

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Cooking with cannabis: ‘I have a fish guy, a meat guy and a weed guy’ – Marijuana News

In the two years since Colorado legalized cannabis, chefs in the state have been finding new ways to make a meal of it.

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Marijuana recipes: How to make Cannabis Ceviche

Image via SFGate.com

Oscar Pascual ~ SFgate.com ~

An emerging group of modern chefs are creating bold new dishes infused with marijuana, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it yourself.
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I tried recipes from the Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, then I needed a long nap

A twist on the traditional pot brownie. Photograph: Jason Wilson for the Guardian

Jason Wilson ~ theguardian.com ~

 For the fast-growing industry growing around weed, the current challenge is to make marijuana an item of ordinary middle-class consumption.

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