Ten Things You Need to Know About the Cannabis Cup

Image of legal marijuana in Denver
The 2015 Cannabis Cup is happening now in Denver and enthusiasts all across the US have flocked to Colorado for the big day.
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Cannabis Cup Highlights Marijuana's Latest Products, Policy Developments

Image of 2014 Denver 420
Luc Hatlestad ~ 5280 (The Denver Magazine) ~
With 420 approaching, it's time for our annual reminder: Don't do anything that might bring shame to Denver, Colorado, or marijuana legalization in general.
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No free pot samples, or sales, allowed at this year

Image of free marijuana sample available at the 2014 Canabis Cup in Denver
Ricardo Baca ~ The Cannabist ~
The free sampling of businesses’ marijuana, edibles and concentrates — a tradition that has long been a primary draw for fans of the annual Cannabis Cups that happen around the world — will no longer happen so freely at the Denver event.
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The Grass Station Cannabis Dispensary is Ready for 420 with Extra Staff, Fast Checkouts and Special Deals

Image of The Grass Station's Mobile App for easy marijuana dispensary use
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy™ Cannabis Industry News ~
The Denver-based dispensary is raising the bar for selection and service, as the city prepares to welcome marijuana enthusiasts to the annual cannabis festivities
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