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Washington State Prepares To Rewrite Marijuana Testing And Packaging Rules - Cannabis News

Marijuana regulators in Washington State will entertain sweeping changes to how marijuana is tested, processed, packaged and sold in one of the U.S.’s oldest recreational marijuana markets, officials announced late Wednesday.

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Washington State: After Legalization, A Nearly 90 Percent Drop In Marijuana Felony Convictions - Cannabis News

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington state in 2012 resulted in a dramatic decrease in the number of people sentenced for marijuana-related felonies, according to an analysis conducted for public radio by the Washington State Caseload Forecast Council.

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Seattle to Annul Misdemeanor Marijuana Convictions - Cannabis News

Seattle will move to repeal misdemeanor marijuana charges that were prosecuted before Washington legalized pot in 2012, City Mayor Jenny Durkan and City Attorney Pete Holmes announced during a press conference Thursday.

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Hemp planting set for May 24 in Washington State - Cannabis News

It’s been nearly a century in the making, but this May will bring with it the first legal planting of the versatile, valuable industrial hemp oilseed and fiber crop in Washington State in approximately 90 years.

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Marijuana sales surge in Washington State – Cannabis News

TACOMA – Sales of marijuana products in Washington state have for the first time surpassed $200 million in a quarter.

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Weedtown, USA: Home to America’s First City-Owned Pot Shop – Cannabis News

The shop, which opened its doors in 2015, is run by the city, making it the only government-operated cannabis store in the country.

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Pot Stores: State Says Cities Can Have As Many As They Want

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board is accepting a second wave of applications for new marijuana retail licenses.

Gone are the quotas and lotteries used in the first round of licensing. Now there are no limits on the number of licenses that may be granted – a change that took some cities by surprise.

When Initiative 502, the measure to legalize pot, was implemented, state regulators set limits on how many pot stores a city or county could have. Seattle, for example, received 21 of these so-called “golden tickets.”

But when state legislators opened the licensing process to medical marijuana businesses last spring, they eliminated quotas. Instead they want to bring “gray market” medical marijuana into the state-regulated system.

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