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FBI and San Bernardino County sheriff accused of breaking law by seizing marijuana cash

Marijuana Leaf
Brad Bowman ~ The State Journal ~
Democratic Sen. Perry Clark spoke at the Mensa Annual Gathering in Louisville on Wednesday in an effort to clear the smoke about myths surrounding cannabis.
Clark was one of several presenters invited to the four-day Mensa event at the Galt House.
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Weed is legal in California, but you can still get in trouble. Here’s what you should know

Image of Rand Paul
The Associated Press ~
DENVER (AP) - Republican presidential hopeful Rand Paul is holding a groundbreaking fundraiser in Denver Tuesday afternoon.
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The man behind Reditus Labs wants to become a destination employer for a lot more than COVID testing

Image of Delaware Gov. Jack Markell
Delaware Gov. Jack Markell signed a bill decriminalizing marijuana Thursday night, making Delaware the twentieth state to end jail time for possession of small amounts of the drug.
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Majority of New Yorkers support marijuana legalization to combat budget deficit, poll shows - Cannabis News

Image of an indoor marijuana grow
DENVER – Marijuana entrepreneurs rushing into the booming market are running headlong into a patchwork of state-by-state regulations that make it hard to transfer their expertise, brands and staff— and even their profits.
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Illinois recreational weed sales on pace to top $1 billion in 2020 with room to grow

Image of a bowl of marijuana
House Republicans advanced a budget plan Thursday that would prevent legal sales of marijuana in the District until at least 2017.
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Why The US Has Made A Complete Mess Of Partial Marijuana Legalization (So Far)

Image of young marijuana plants
A circuit judge has ruled that Missouri's so-called "Right to Farm" amendment doesn't allow farming pot.
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Cannabis and Schizophrenia – Not a Testable Hypothesis

Image of Medical Marijuana for Florida logo
When pot is this good, people don't give up. And Florida is not giving up on medical-grade marijuana anytime soon.
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Legal cannabis now supports 243,700 full-time American jobs - Cannabis News

Image of marijuana plants
Congress voted on two amendments to a Department of Justice spending bill Wednesday that would protect marijuana businesses in states where they're legal, but only one of them passed.
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California: Wine grape growers lose labor to cannabis farms - Cannabis News

Image of curing cannabis
Jeremy B. White ~ The Sacramento Bee ~
California’s latest attempt to regulate medical marijuana advanced off the Assembly floor on a 50-5 vote Thursday.
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What have we learned about the arguments for and against legalized Marijuana in the past 10 years?

Image of hemp products
Depending on who's talking, a 20-acre hemp farm about 10 miles south of Grants Pass is either the harbinger of a new industry that could help save rural Oregon – or an existential threat to local marijuana farmers just as they're anticipating boom times.
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Missouri officials examine protections over medical marijuana information

Image of medical marijuana
Revised recreational marijuana bill SB 1176, died in the Regulated Industries Committee
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Obama Administration Set to Remove Barrier to Marijuana Research – Cannabis News

Image of a jar filled with legal medical marijuana
A group opposed to pot legalization is unveiling proposals on Thursday for the U.S. government to ease restrictions on scientific research into marijuana's potential as medicine, in a first step for an organization of its kind.
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Cannabis stigma: Millennials caught in changing norms – Cannabis News

Image of Louisiana Rep. Austin Badon, D-New Orleans
Gov. Bobby Jindal on Thursday said he plans to sign legislation that would change the state's medical marijuana laws and soften penalties for marijuana offenders.
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France reports highly positive patient response to Medical Cannabis trial

Image of JP Morrell, Louisiana Democrat trying to get Draconian cannabis laws aligned with modern marijuana realities.
A proposal to soften Louisiana's harsh marijuana laws by reducing penalties for possession continues to gain steam in the Louisiana Legislature.
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More Local Cannabis Dispensaries May Mean Fewer Opioid Overdose Deaths

Image of Seattle mayor Ed Murray announcing new rules for marijuana
A new proposal from Seattle Mayor Ed Murray would give Seattle tighter control of marijuana businesses. It could shut down more than 50 medical dispensaries while the state goes about folding medical-marijuana businesses into the state’s recreational system.
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State's medical-marijuana law clears legal hurdle

Image of Florida news screen shot about medical marijuana legalization
Florida's noneuphoric-medical-marijuana law cleared a major legal hurdle Wednesday when a judge in Tallahassee upheld it, which allows the state to begin licensing marijuana growers this summer.

CDC issues best practices for fleet marijuana policies

Image of the Veteran's Affairs Administration
The Senate Appropriations Committee advanced a $77.6 billion funding bill for military construction and veterans benefits that includes an amendment allowing Veterans Affairs doctors to recommend the use of medical marijuana.
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Fly the Friendly Skies with Hemp – Cannabis News

Image of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf
HARRISBURG — With the legalization of medical marijuana now before the House, Gov. Tom Wolf on Monday hosted supporters at the governor’s residence for what he described as “a chance to get the facts out.”
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Ayr receives final license to sell adult-use cannabis in Watertown, the company’s second approved adult-use dispensary in Greater Boston

Image of child medical marijuana activists speaking in South Carolina.
Because she has seizures every day and slams into the ground, 18-year-old Dixie Pace has worn a helmet since November.
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Iowa youth advocate seeks to launch Marijuana education campaign

Image of medical marijuana legalization logo
CHICAGO (AP) — Advocates of Illinois' troubled medical marijuana experiment hope to reassure investors by pushing to have lawmakers extend it beyond 2017, when it expires, but the initiative faces an uncertain fate on Gov. Bruce Rauner's desk.
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