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The Future of Pot? Leave It to the Pros, Not the Stoners

Image of Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Privateer Holding a Cannabis Investor Group
IF YOU LIKE puns, then you’ll love the American pot industry.
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Legal Marijuana Faces Another Federal Hurdle - Taxes

Image of a legal marijuana grow
DENVER — Money was pouring into Bruce Nassau’s five Colorado marijuana shops when his accountant called with the bad news 
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Washington Sells Almost 25 Million Dollars Worth Of Recreational Marijuana In April

Image of Washington March 2015 marijuana sales
The numbers are in for Washington State’s recreational marijuana sales for April 2015.
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The End Of The War On Drugs And The Emergence Of The Venture-Backed Cannabis Industry

Image of Brian Kennedy of Privateer Investments
The End of Cannabis Prohibition
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Marijuana entrepreneurs to vie for investor dollars in - Shark Tank - style event this week

Image of Legal Marijuana
Big marijuana money is in the D.C. area this week.
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The Marijuana Industry And Its First Crossroads

Image of a greenhouse with tomatoes and marijuana growing.
Marijuana has come a long way in the United States since California launched its first-in-the-nation medical program 19 years ago.
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Cannabis investment has gone mainstream, but not in Washington

Seattle Times illustration of a marijuana leaf
Overly cautious rules on legal marijuana are driving away needed capital investment, writes columnist Jonathan Martin.
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Potential pot entrepreneurs pay for cannabis career tips at Sacramento seminar

Image of cannabis/marijuana infused products
Peter Hecht ~ The Sacramento Bee ~
Retired Silicon Valley engineer Angelo Mallol, 56, turned out Sunday for a seminar on how to start a small business – in the pot trade.
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Morris county NJ grower sowing seeds in medical cannabis

Image of Ken VandeVerde, Terra Tech
William Westhoven ~ Daily Record ~
LINCOLN PARK NJ – A longtime family agriculture business in Morris County has partnered with a publicly-traded corporation to enter a new growth business — medical marijuana.
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Image of Khadijah Adams: Marijuana Investment
Khadijah Adams: Marijuana Investment & Private Retreat ~ CASHINBIS ~
She has one of those stories that’s not only powerful, but incredibly motivational. 
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Red Flags For Entrepreneurs Considering A Legal Cannabis Franchise

Image of a man holding a loaded marijuana pipe
Carol Tice ~ Forbes ~
Legal Cannabis franchises are emerging -- here's why would-be entrepreneurs looking to buy a turnkey opportunity in this space should be cautious.
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5 Stunning Comments From President Obama Regarding the Potential Legalization of Marijuana

Image of President Obama
Sean Williams ~ The Motley Fool ~
Just when marijuana supporters thought things couldn't get any better, last week brought incredible news.
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Cutting Through The Haze Of Securities Laws And Marijuana

Image of Hilary Bricken, Seattle Pot Lawyer
HILARY BRICKEN ~ Above the Law ~
Capitalization of cannabis businesses still comes primarily from friends and family rather than from institutional investors.
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Legal Marijuana In Colorado Has Already Generated $15 Million For Schools

Image of protester hold sign to end the war on drugs
Matt Ferner ~ Huffington Post ~
Legal marijuana in Colorado has already generated more than $15 million in tax revenue that is specifically earmarked for public schools, according to the latest data from the state's Department of Education.
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Investors See Potential Opportunity in Marijuana Reform Bill

Image of three US Senator proposing marijuana regulation reform
Thomas Dunford ~ The Wall Street Journal ~
Proposed Carers Act would redefine cannabis as a Schedule II controlled substance
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Marijuana companies are getting a makeover

Image of legal marijuana sales transaction
Ellen Chang ~ Main Street
The walls of Kind Love in Denver are covered with professional artwork from local artists while the marble countertops and Italian leather couches are reminiscent of spending the day in a spa.
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Why I Think This Is the Best Marijuana Investment, Bar None

Image of a legal marijuana grow op in Colorado
Todd Campbell ~ The Motley Fool
There's been a lot of excitement about marijuana legalization during the past year. A big reason for that excitement is the potential for marijuana to make a life-changing impact on patients who are suffering from a variety of tough-to-treat diseases like epilepsy and cancer.
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Colorado Sold 7 Tons Of Retail Marijuana In First Legal Year

Image of a marijuana smoker
Daniel Wallis ~ Reuters
DENVER, Feb 27 (Reuters) - Consumers in Colorado bought more than 17 tons of recreational marijuana buds during the first year of the state's new retail market, but sales of medicinal pot still outstripped that at almost 50 tons, officials said on Friday.
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Marijuana Crowdfunding Platform CannaFundr Wants to Seed the Weed Industry

Image of online cannabis funding website & mobile app
Jim Dallke ~ Chicago Inno
As marijuana laws across the United States begin to change, a host of startups have emerged in what is now one of America's fastest-growing industries: cannabis production.
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Colorado Marijuana Success Has Other States Green with Envy

Image of marijuana tax revenues
Bridgett Weaver ~ Greeley Tribune
Colorado made more than $52 million in tax revenue from the sale of recreational marijuana last year, creating for some small business owners a booming and legitimate business.
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