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Local dispensary offers Mike Tyson’s new Cannabis line

A cannabis dispensary in Allegan County recently was selected as a distributer of Mike Tyson’s new product line.

The former professional boxer is offering his Tyson 2.0 products at City Hall Provisions, 222 S. Maple St. in Fennville.

The dispensary said Tyson has been “highly selective” in determining which stores around the U.S. will offer his line.

“Cannabis has always played an important role in my life,” Tyson said. “It has changed me for the good both mentally and physically, and I want to share this gift with other people who are also seeking relief.”

The Tyson 2.0 line offers pre-rolls, flower and “Mike Bite” ear-shaped gummies.


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Pa. Law protects Workers approved for Medical Marijuana — once they use it, it's a different story

Vague legal safeguards for medical marijuana users in Pennsylvania are forcing patients to choose between their job and a drug they say has changed their life, and leaving skittish employers vulnerable to lawsuits, according to a three-month Spotlight PA investigation.

While state law protects workers from being fired or denied a job just for having a doctor’s permission to use marijuana, those protections become opaque when people actually take the drug — regardless of whether they do it in their personal time.

“It essentially makes no sense,” Pittsburgh attorney John McCreary Jr., who represents employers, told Spotlight PA.


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US Court of Appeals: Federal Scheduling of Cannabis “Irrational,” but not Unconstitutional

The federal government’s decision to classify cannabis as a Schedule I controlled substance without accepted medical utility is arguably “irrational,” but it is not unconstitutional, according to a ruling recently handed down by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Defendants in the case argued that marijuana’s scheduling in the US Controlled Substances Act has no rational basis because cannabis does not meet the statutory criteria for inclusion on Schedule I.

(Under the law, Schedule I substances – by definition – meet three specific criteria: “A high potential for abuse,” “no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States,” and “a lack of accepted safety for use … under medical supervision.”)

Judges for the US Court of Appeals rejected the defendants’ argument, opining, “[T]he Act’s scheduling criteria are largely irrelevant to our constitutional review because the rational basis test asks only whether Congress could have any conceivable basis for including marijuana on the strictest schedule.

Because there are other plausible considerations that could have motivated Congress’s scheduling of marijuana, we conclude that its classification does not violate the [plaintiffs’] due process or equal protection rights.”

Judges acknowledged that the defendants “convincingly argue[d] that it is irrational for the government to maintain that marijuana has no accepted medical use.” However, they ruled that this argument alone is insufficient to compel the Court to determine that cannabis’ Schedule I status is unconstitutional.

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Best Cannabis terpenes for Creativity

Best terpenes to encourage out-of-the-box thinking and imagination.

Cannabis has different compounds that make it what it is. Yes, certain strains are known to increase that creative drive, but it’s not all about the strain. There are other components of cannabis that also potentially enhance your creativity and get the imagination juices flowing.

We’re talking terpenes. 

Terpenes are not only responsible for giving a unique aroma and flavor to each strain, but they are also the ally of the cannabinoids to enhance their effectiveness in the entourage effect. This is the synergy of all the components of the plant acting together.


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When exactly should I pop my edible?

Timing edibles can be tricky. There’s no exact science, but there are some tips that can help you get the most out of heightening experiences.

Edibles are growing significantly in popularity, and are finding their way into all sorts of activities. From exercise, travel, sleep and everything in between, someone is popping an edible and seeing if it enhances the experience. Edibles do, in fact, enhance all sorts of activities (when practiced safely, of course). But they also take time to work their magic.

When it comes to edibles, it’s all about timing. Too soon and you’re high before you want to be. Too late and you’re staring at your watch wishing you ate your gummy sooner and wondering how much longer it will take to feel the effects. While there’s no definitive answer, here are some helpful tricks to enhance your edibles experience.

When You Have a Long Journey Ahead

Best Time: During Pre-Boarding Announcements

Edibles are becoming a companion of the avid traveler. For those who take frequent long flights (five hours or more), or are frequent riders of long buses and trains, edibles can really take the edge off. Even if you aren’t able to sleep, the anxiety and restlessness decreases. Suddenly, looking out your window is interesting, and just like that – you’re at your destination. But timing your edible for a long journey is critical.

If you have a coast to coast flight or something similar, around 6 hours, then a standard dose edible (between 5 and 10 mg — depending on your tolerance) is perfect. 

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Why Rep. David Joyce says 'Education is the Key' to Cannabis Reform

What does the future hold for the cannabis industry in legislative terms? (Benzinga)

“We've made tremendous progress and I like to say we're getting closer and closer,” U.S. Rep. David Joyce, an Ohio Republican, said Tuesday at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Chicago.

As co-chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, Joyce is fighting for federal cannabis reform. Joyce’s efforts were honored this year with the Benzinga Cannabis Friend of the Industry Award. 

‘Losing The War On Drugs'

What drew Joyce to the marijuana industry and legislation fight was his experience working as a prosecutor, he said, adding that he quickly realized “we were losing the war on drugs.”


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What is Kief and how do you use it?

Kief is the trichome-rich powder you’ll find at the bottom of your grinder. It’s loaded with THC, and is traditionally used as the basis of hashish.

Kief is term that refers to trichomes that have been separated from the cannabis plant. Cannabis kief contains significantly less plant matter than whole cannabis flower, and it is rich in cannabinoids, making it a highly potent cannabis product.

Kief is also commonly referred to as “keef,” “cannabis crystals,” “chief,” or simply “dust” due to its particulate nature. It can be harvested from marijuana leaves, flower, and plants by dry sifting cannabis with a kief box.

Another common way people extract kief is by grinding marijuana with a 3-chamber grinder; the powdery substance beneath the mesh screen is kief.

How to Smoke Kief

Kief is a powdery substance, so it is best to combine kief with cannabis flower when smoking. A popular way to smoke kief is to roll a kief joint, which is where you mix your flower with kief and then roll a joint. If you want to smoke kief without cannabis flower, you can use a pipe, bong, or dry herb vaporizer. Many kief aficionados prefer vaping kief.

How to Use Kief

There are plenty of ways to use kief even if you don’t want to smoke it. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

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Pennsylvania Marijuana pardon project

ALLENTOWN - State Reps. Mike Schlossberg and Peter Schweyer will host a town hall with Pennsylvania Board of Pardons Secretary Celeste Trusty this Friday, Sept. 16 to discuss the new Pennsylvania Marijuana Pardon Project.

The lawmakers said the event – which starts at 3 p.m. at Resurrected Life Community Church at 144 N. 9th St. – will provide residents and community members with a chance to learn about the pardon project and ask questions.

“The Pennsylvania Marijuana Pardon Project offers people convicted of extremely low-profile marijuana offenses the opportunity to move on with their lives,” said Schlossberg, D-Lehigh. “I am thrilled to work with Representative Schweyer, Mayor Tuerk and Lt. Governor Fetterman’s staff to make this event possible.”   

“Responsible recreational marijuana should be legal in Pennsylvania,” said Schweyer, D-Lehigh. “But until that day comes, we should stop punishing people for using cannabis when it is legal just on the other side of the Delaware River. I’m proud to help host this event so that many people in our region can clear their names and move on with their lives.”

“Too many people are burdened with a criminal record for something most of us don’t even think should be illegal,” Trusty said. “We are so excited to help as many people as possible get on their way to a clear record through the PA Marijuana Pardon Project. The application is free and available online – the only thing you have to lose is your record!”

“People make bad choices over the course of their lives. We believe in second chances and recognize that small mistakes can be learning opportunities,” said Matt Tuerk, Allentown mayor. “The commonwealth is giving Allentonians an opportunity for good outcomes by clearing that slate.”

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Recreational Marijuana supporters open Rapid City office

South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws, which is leading the effort to pass Initiated Measure 27 for recreational marijuana, announced the opening a new campaign office in Rapid City.

Organizers said the office opened Friday at 230 E. North St., in Rapid City.
“We’re very excited to open our campaign office in Rapid City given the very positive response to our drive-thru signature gathering events earlier this year,” said campaign manager Matthew Schweich.
“We will use this office for many purposes including training volunteers, distributing lawn signs, organizing phone banks and door knocking campaigns, and selling Yes on 27 T-shirts and hats.”
Initiated Measure 27 is the 2022 ballot measure that voters will decide on Nov. 8. IM 27 would legalize personal possession of small amounts of cannabis by adults 21 and older in South Dakota. If approved by voters, the law would take effect July 1, 2023
“Now that we’re past Labor Day, our campaign is kicking its voter registration and field operation into high gear by mobilizing supporters and volunteers across South Dakota,” said Quincy Hanzen, deputy campaign manager for the Yes on 27 campaign.
“We are very excited to expand our operations in the Rapid City area.
f you’re interested in getting involved as a volunteer, or if you just have a question about voter registration, then please call or text our campaign hotline at 605-269-8552.”
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Greenfern continues Hemp Seed research with grant Assistance

New Zealand’s Greenfern Industries is part of a partnership to have received a grant to research potential high value products derived from hemp seed processing waste.

A major waste stream from processing hemp seed (which is technically a nut) is the hull – the hard outer coating. Another is hemp seed cake or meal, which is the by-product of cold-pressing hemp seeds for oil. While the latter is being used as stock feed in some parts of the world, not much is being done with the former. And there could be other, more valuable uses for hemp seed meal.

Greenfern, Hemp Connect and Callaghan Innovation have been awarded a $110,000 Bioresource Processing Alliance (BPA) grant to support work on a related project that commenced last year.

“To begin with we’re looking at a high-quality, plant-based soluble protein (peptide) made from New Zealand-grown hemp,” said Greenfern managing director Dan Casey. “The research we’ve already done tells us this product alone would be new-to-market – that there doesn’t appear to be anything like this readily available elsewhere in the world.”

The Bioresource Processing Alliance, funded by New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, is focused on generating additional export revenue for New Zealand through better use of biological by-products.

It appears the Greenfern project is initially focused on making better use of the hulls. Other potential uses could be the extraction of lipids for food purposes or in cosmetics.

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Road to Legalization: is Cannabis Legal in Russia?

What do all stoners around the world want? Legalization, education, and normalization of the world's best substance. Let’s take a glimpse at the status of cannabis legalization in Russia.

Russia is one of the world’s strictest countries when it comes to progressive matters and regulation. Although there may be others with even harsher rules and punishments, this country has a reputation for being tough on lots of matters that require a more modern approach.

The world calls for the legalization of cannabis. Enough is enough! Just a few weeks ago, the entire country was stunned by the case of WNBA star Britney Griner. Although Griner has a prescription for cannabis oil, authorities in Russia are prosecuting her, and she might face a nine-year prison sentence.

This is one of many examples of just how rash the Russian regime is on topics surrounding weed. We’ll go over a general view of the way Russia tackles cannabis regulation and some historical background. We just hope there are fewer people thrown in the brig over cannabis worldwide.

Legal Status of Cannabis In Russia

Cannabis in Russia is illegal. Although many countries around the world follow suit on the condemnation of flower, it is surprising that a country such as Russia is such a stickler to these old ways. Many have at least already transitioned towards decriminalization!

Russia, however, still considers this substance illegal. The mere possession of up to six grams of flower is an administrative offense, while anything over that is a criminal offense. This means that if you have anything below the threshold you can be fined or detained for a fortnight, while anything above can get you thrown in prison.

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Medical Marijuana expansion becomes Campaign Issue

TEXAS - Retired Army Major David Bass served in the U.S. Army for 25 years from 1985 to 2006. He’s a veteran of operations, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom.

“When I returned to Fort Hood, I had these symptoms that I didn’t understand,” Bass said. “I was diagnosed by Army doctors with post-traumatic stress disorder, which was a condition that I had never thought I would be diagnosed with.

And so the doctors prescribed psychotropic medications for PTSD. And I was also prescribed opioids for chronic pain from some injuries I had on active duty. After I retired, I was being treated by the veterans administration in Temple. And after a few years, I got tired of those pills. I didn’t like the side effects. So I did some research for alternatives to the pills, and that’s when I discovered medical cannabis.”

In 2012, he told his psychiatrist at the VA that he wanted to stop taking the pills he had become addicted to. He said the psychiatrist told him he couldn’t, so he began researching cannabis on his own. He started using it illegally that year.

“By the end of 2012, I had stopped taking the pill,” Bass said. “I proved to myself that cannabis is effective medicine for PTSD. The symptoms of nightmares, sleeplessness, anger outbursts, paranoia, hypervigilance–medical cannabis took care of them.”

Bass joined a nonprofit focused on cannabis reform called Texas NORML in 2012. In 2013, he became the director of veteran outreach. Two years later, he founded Texas Veterans for Medical Marijuana in 2015. He’s been advocating for medical cannabis ever since. 

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Sisters of the Valley Launch pet CBD Plus Oil

Combining raw and cooked compounds of the cannabis plant for a full spectrum experience.

California - For many years, the Sisters have touted their CBD oils and tinctures as safe for pets, and they have collected nearly as many pet pain-relief-and-healing stories as people stories.  With the recent new science on the hemp plant out of Oregon in February this year, the Sisters got busy devising a special formula just for pets.  The Sisters removed from their formula the blood orange essential oil used to flavor their people tonics (as some pets are allergic), and left a coconut base with CBD, CBDa, CBG, and CBGa, extracted from the hemp plant.  In essence, the Sisters have combined the raw plant medicine that helps fight infection and promotes general good health with the cooked CBD that is known more for its pain-relieving effects. 

The product sells in one-ounce and two-ounce bottles, and the lab tests are readily available on the web-store, proving the product is clean and green and attesting to potency. 

The pet oil produced by the Sisters contains:

6.8 mg/ml of CBD

2.8 mg/ml of CBGa

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Law prof criticizes ‘Pernicious Myth’ that Marijuana prosecutions drive Mass Incarceration

A Fordham University (FU) School of Law professor is challenging the prevailing narrative that mass incarceration is driven by unjust drug convictions and that this trend is to blame for racial disparities in incarceration rates. 

Dr. John Pfaff, who specializes in prisons and criminal justice, issued his most recent criticisms in response to an Aug. 16 Vice News article on WNBA player Brittney Griner’s marijuana conviction in Russia.

The Vice piece attempted to draw a comparison between Russia’s harsh sentencing measures and similar trends in the United States, which “regularly doles out harsh sentences to people, especially Black Americans, for weed crimes," the article claims.


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Yes, CBD is Psychoactive — Here’s Why

While all intoxicating and euphoric chemicals are psychoactive, not all psychoactive chemicals are intoxicating or euphoric.

In the cannabis space, the words psychoactive, intoxicating, and euphoric are often used interchangeably. Going by that, it’s common to hear the statement that “unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive.” But is this really true? To answer this question, it is important to first understand what the word psychoactive means.

A psychoactive substance is a chemical that crosses the blood-brain barrier and hence gets into the brain and affects it in some way. Examples of psychoactive substances include caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, some analgesics, and marijuana among others.

As you can see, caffeine is psychoactive even though it doesn’t give consumers that “high feeling.”

Is CBD Psychoactive?

Yes, CBD is psychoactive because it crosses the blood-brain barrier. The calming effects caused by CBD happen in the brain. If CBD was non-psychoactive, then it would not be able to offer anxiety relief and other higher-center benefits. In the same way, caffeine will increase alertness without causing intoxication.

Is CBD Intoxicating?

No, CBD is not intoxicating and neither does it cause euphoria.  An intoxicating compound will cause changes in one’s mental state and cause one to lose control of their thought process or behavior. A good example is how alcohol affects mental ability and behavior.

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MetroWest saw a sharp decline in teen Marijuana use during the pandemic. Will it last?

As the availability of recreational marijuana has gone up in MetroWest with the arrival of new dispensaries, use of the drug among teens in the region has fallen dramatically, according to data from the MetroWest Health Foundation.  

As of last fall, only 21% of MetroWest high school students had ever used marijuana, down from 31% just three years prior, according to the foundation’s MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey.

The survey included 39,293 middle and high school students across 25 MetroWest communities, per the foundation's 2021 report.

The latest figures are “well below any previously reported in the survey,” according to MHF Senior Program Officer Rebecca Donham. 

Since the foundation first began administering the survey in 2006, lifetime marijuana use among high school students had hovered around — and often above — 30%. The decrease from 2018 and 2021 marked the sharpest drop between survey years, per the foundation’s report.

That decline is also in line with national trends reported in the “Monitoring the Future” survey sponsored by The National Institute on Drug Abuse at The National Institutes of Health.  

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Black Market Weed is still the Buyer’s choice over Legal Marijuana in Hawaii

Market structure and regulation have made medical cannabis far more expensive than illegal products, and consumers are choosing the cheaper option.

A new state report estimates only about 20% of the marijuana sold in Hawaii last year came from local marijuana dispensaries, and blames “market structure and regulation” for driving consumers to buy from illegal growers and sellers.

The report by the Tax Working Group of the Dual Use of Cannabis Task Force estimates the existing marijuana market in Hawaii is worth about $240 million a year, and a mature market could grow to about $354 million annually if recreational marijuana is legalized.


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New Medical Cannabis dispensary opens in Panama City Beach

PANAMA CITY BEACH - Cresco Labs Inc. announced the opening of a new medical cannabis dispensary in Bay County.

Sunnyside Dispensary is now open in Panama City Beach, offering a local array of medical cannabis products, including flower, live rosin concentrates, vapes, tinctures, topicals and edibles.

The store is located at 10916 Hutchison Blvd., in the heart of Panama City Beach, for easy access to residents, visitors and commuters, as well as shopping, dining and the beach, which is home to numerous resorts.

“We are thrilled to expand Sunnyside’s reach in Florida’s Panhandle with our third location joining our Tallahassee and Pensacola locations,” said Cris Rivera, Florida regional president at Cresco Labs, in a news release.


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Phoenix nonproft plans to seek grant from fund created by Marijuana Legalization

Proposition 207 authors carved out money from the legalization and regulation of recreational marijuana for what they called a justice reinvestment program.

A local nonprofit is asking people to tell them how cash from a namesake fund should be spent.

Project Roots plans to seek a grant once government officials send out a request for proposals.

State law says justice reinvestment programs can be an effort to address the underlying causes of crime or a push to reduce the prison population.

Right now the nonprofit’s Executive Director Dionne Washington is inviting people to voice their thoughts at listening sessions scheduled for each Thursday in September.


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Democrats push President Biden on cannabis reform ahead of midterms

At the very least, the president should decriminalize marijuana and reschedule it through executive action at the federal level.

As the U.S. midterm elections edge closer, Democrats believe they have a window to push their agenda for cannabis reform.

Per The Hill, Democrats are pressuring President Joe Biden, trying to figure out what’s possible in terms of marijuana reform before the midterms in November. They reportedly believe the momentum gained by Biden’s previous decisions that leaned liberal — student loans, health care and tax reforms — might positively impact decriminalization of cannabis.

“Now that the president has delivered on a progressive policy of student debt relief, he has seen an uptick in the polls, he’s united the base, put Republicans on the defensive, and Democrats across the country seem to be riding the wave as well,” said Iowa Democrat Stacey Walker.

“Along with several members of President Biden’s senior leadership team, we all agreed that, at the very least, the president should decriminalize marijuana and reschedule it through executive action at the federal level,” Walker added.

In recent weeks, other Democrats have echoed these statements, focusing on the benefits that this decision could have on the millions of people who have been negatively impacted by marijuana legislation in the past.

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