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So, You Want to Be a Hemp Farmer? - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
Hemp is often touted as a super-crop with myriad uses. So what does it take to grow it? Here's an overview.
Hemp is being used to shape the future of surfboards - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
Hemp has been around for centuries and can be found in various industries, from construction to clothing. Now, the plant is being used in the surfing world to help make the board eco-friendly.
North Carolina hemp businesses are sprouting like weeds - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
"You take North Carolina's agricultural background and this can be an amazing crop. Mark this space, it's going to be a very big market."
Porsche Releases First Race Car Made of Hemp: 718 Cayman GT4 - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
The follow-up to the Cayman GT4 racer is finally here and Porsche has not only made it faster but greener, too.
Could hemp be Iowa's next big crop? Farmers weigh in - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
Hemp is estimated to become a $600 billion industry in 2019, according to the Chicago-based Brightfield Group, and Iowa farmers could get a share of the money if they’re willing to grow it.
5 Uses For Hemp Besides CBD Oil - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
The versatile plant has hundreds of applications if you want to get down to it.
In Wisconsin, questions, optimism surround hemp after federal legalization - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
Local hemp farmers are feeling some relief from the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp production at the federal level and clarified the crop’s murky legality.
Kansas opens first industrial hemp academy to promote alternative crop - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
“We actually teach our students how to plant the seed properly, how to cultivate the seed properly, how to harvest the crop properly and then what to do with the crop after it’s harvest,” said America’s Hemp Academy founder Joe Bisogno, Founder.
Trump officially legalizes industrial hemp - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
President Trump legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp Thursday when he signed a widespread, bipartisan farm bill aimed at boosting the agriculture industry.
Hemp, a form of cannabis, to become legal with Trump's signature on Farm Bill - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
Hemp advocates held a news conference Thursday in Denver to tout the expected legalization and thank Trump in advance for signing the bill. The president is expected to sign the bill next week.
Favoring female flowers in hemp horticulture - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
A UConn plant science professor working with hemp plants has developed a way to maximize the production of female flowers, which produce significantly higher quantities of cannabinoids than male flowers.
Hemp on Wheels - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
Hemp holds a lot of promise as a material for the auto industry. It’s very strong and has a high tensile modulus, which is the ratio of stress to elastic strain in a material.
Can Legal Hemp Save Agriculture? - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
“In the U.S., we do everything with hemp -- we eat it, we wear it -- yet we haven’t been able to grow it. So we import approximately $60 million worth of hemp from overseas."
Hemp is being touted as the Midwest’s next big cash crop. What would that mean for the environment? - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
Congress could substantially help the industry by legalizing it nationwide, an idea approved in the GOP-led U.S. Senate this year, but one that hasn’t made it to the president’s desk.
Hemp Comes Home to the Bluegrass State - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
Legal hemp has returned to Kentucky. Will the Feds step aside and let the industry flourish?
Medical marijuana insurance in Florida? Lawmakers, agriculture commissioner pushing for it - Cannabis News
Medical News
On 14 plots scattered across Pennsylvania this year, farmers reintroduced what was once a dominant cash crop to the state: industrial hemp, the straight-laced, non-psychoactive cannabis cousin of marijuana.