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Learning how to farm hemp in South Carolina: Presence of crop locally will expand in second season - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
The state's Department of Agriculture received 162 applications to grow hemp next year.
Laid-back visitors crowd Ottawa's Cannabis and Hemp Expo - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
The scene was busy, but appropriately laid-back, as thousands attended the second day of the second annual Cannabis & Hemp Trade Show at the Shaw Centre on Saturday.
Gov. Murphy gives marijuana's sober cousin, hemp, the green light in N.J. - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
The Garden State will get to start growing a new type of plant. Gov. Phil Murphy signed off on a pilot program Wednesday that gives New Jersey the green light to research and cultivate hemp crops.
Hemp on Wheels - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
Hemp holds a lot of promise as a material for the auto industry. It’s very strong and has a high tensile modulus, which is the ratio of stress to elastic strain in a material.
Can Legal Hemp Save Agriculture? - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
“In the U.S., we do everything with hemp -- we eat it, we wear it -- yet we haven’t been able to grow it. So we import approximately $60 million worth of hemp from overseas."
Mitch McConnell Guarantees Industrial Hemp Legalization - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is guaranteeing that the 2018 Farm Bill will include his industrial hemp legalization provision after the Senate and House reach a compromise -- ideally by the end of the year.
Hemp is being touted as the Midwest’s next big cash crop. What would that mean for the environment? - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
Congress could substantially help the industry by legalizing it nationwide, an idea approved in the GOP-led U.S. Senate this year, but one that hasn’t made it to the president’s desk.
First hemp harvest in decades comes to Oklahoma - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
Thursday was a big day for the still very young hemp industry in Oklahoma. It was the harvest of the first industrial hemp crop in the state since World War II.
How the Hemp Industry Is Being Reshaped by Canadian Pot Legalization - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
What challenges are to come as the Great White North goes green and the U.S. Hemp Farming Act of 2018 allows its hemp farmers to compete?
Hemp, if its legal limbo ends, could become a leading Minnesota crop - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
Farmers have been able to grow hemp in Minnesota only for three years, and only with restrictions. As the rules change, farmers and consumers are in a kind of limbo, waiting for lawmakers to decide what is legal and what is not.
Jay-Z: Marijuana Mogul? He Joins New Cannabis Venture as Chief Visionary Officer
Business & Finance
Legal hemp has returned to Kentucky. Will the Feds step aside and let the industry flourish?
Medical marijuana insurance in Florida? Lawmakers, agriculture commissioner pushing for it - Cannabis News
Medical News
On 14 plots scattered across Pennsylvania this year, farmers reintroduced what was once a dominant cash crop to the state: industrial hemp, the straight-laced, non-psychoactive cannabis cousin of marijuana.
Oregon officials say psilocybin may be an effective treatment for some psychiatric illnesses
Medical News
Hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) is projected to be a billion dollar market in just three years in a new report by the data company Brightfield Group.
Democratic Senate candidate smokes marijuana in new ad highlighting disparity and reform
Last weekend brought Seattle Hempfest—AKA the biggest annual cannabis event on the planet—to the Seattle waterfront, for three days of pro-cannabis outreach, activism, music, mingling, marketing, and glorious sunshine.
First public hemp building in the U.S. opens in Idaho - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
KETCHUM, Idaho (KBOI) — It began when 26-year-old Mattie Mead discovered that hemp could be used as a building material his senior year of college.
The Industrial Hemp Farming Act is back — is this the year Congress legalizes the crop? - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
A bipartisan group of lawmakers are again calling for industrial hemp to be legally separated from marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act, and advocates believe they might just have the political momentum to succeed.