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Claire Hughes ~ Times Union ~ New York companies looking to legally produce medical marijuana and keep within new state regulations are partnering with professional trainers, to teach employees how to properly cultivate the plant.
Matt Levin ~ Houston Chronicle ~   Four states and the nation’s capital have legalized marijuana in the past few years. Polls indicate that other states will soon blaze a trail of legalization throughout the U.S.
Josh Stephens ~ Next City ~   The city of Arcata has created what is believed to be the nation’s first-ever land use designation specifically meant to promote and regulate the production of marijuana and cannabis-related products.
John Geluardi ~ East Bay Express ~   California cannabis activists announced on Thursday that they will soon file a state ballot initiative to legalize cannabis in 2016.
Clifton B. Parker ~ Stanford University ~ Stanford law students offer an analysis on how California could most effectively implement marijuana legalization for recreational use if voters approve ballot measures on the issue in 2016.
Stephanie Wang and Michael Anthony Adams ~ IndyStar.com ~ Legal experts question whether church can overcome hurdles in challenging Indiana's marijuana laws.
Joseph Edwards ~ WREX ~   The group says its goal is to serve as a credible voice and valued resource for the Illinois cannabis industry.
Matt A.V. Chaban ~ New York Times ~   A former Wall Street analyst believes hemp-based building materials can transform both agriculture and construction throughout New York.
 Jake Neher ~ Michigan Radio ~   The race is on to legalize marijuana in Michigan in 2016. At least three groups are working to put the question in front of voters. But money will play a big role in deciding which of those groups actually makes the ballot.
Annie Knox ~ The Salt Lake Tribune ~   Utah families of children with intractable epilepsy say cannabis treatment is a breakthrough; lawmaker plans to push extension.
Dennis Foley ~ WTOP.com ~   Oaksterdam University brings to Washington, D.C. the city’s first certified career training program for candidates seeking to enter the legal cannabis industry.
Karl Baker ~ DelawareOnline ~   Delaware's first medical marijuana dispensary opened Friday, four years after the state Legislature legalized its use.
Jamie Hale ~ OregonLive ~ On July 1, recreational marijuana will officially be legal in Oregon. Some kind of celebration, a commemoration of the occasion, was inevitable.
Ricardo Baca ~ The Cannabist ~   Activists who legalized pot via Amendment 64 are now pushing for a liberal consumption initiative in Denver that would allow indoor vaping and outdoor smoking at amenable bars, spaces
Gabriella Dunn ~ The Wichita Eagle ~   Shona Banda, a Kansas marijuana advocate, turned herself in to authorities Monday on an arrest warrant with five charges relating to marijuana use.
BBC newsbeat ~   The First Church of Cannabis has been recognised as a church and charitable organisation in Indiana, despite the drug still being illegal in the state.