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There’s a lot of buzz right now on drug decriminalization. Not only did Oregon recently become the first state to decriminalize possession of small amounts of all illegal substances, but President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have made it their mission to do this at the national level with cannabis. Some Americans believe
Cannabis users in Arizona will only have to wait a couple weeks to smoke out legally under a new law passed Nov. 3, but they shouldn’t hold their breath for shops. Those are several months away. Proposition 207, the Smart and Safe Arizona Act, which passed by a 60%–40% margin in last week’s election, will allow adults to travel with up to an ounce
California’s record wildfire season has left many cannabis growers concerned about Croptober – the primary harvest season for marijuana sold in California, where it’s legally consumed. As fires continue burning into the record book, California growers – whose operations are federally illegal and therefore difficult to insure – are demanding protect
Veterans and Cannabis Use  The topic of cannabis and veterans comes up quite a bit, for many reasons. Today’s is Veteran’s Day, and on behalf of everyone at Green Market Report, thank you to those of you who served.  It’s no secret that many veterans are turning to cannabis to combat some of the difficulties they may be facing from serving in the m
With New Zealand’s recent referendum on the legalization of cannabis, the drug has become a subject worthy of public debate again. In countless debates over marijuana worldwide, The Netherlands is often included as an example of a “marijuana-legal country”. Photos of Dutch national queueing up outside “coffee shops” (the Dutch way of saying cannabi
In an interview with WAMC Northeast Public Radio on Thursday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that legalizing recreational marijuana in New York is very possible and could even happen soon. "I think that this year [recreational legalization] is ripe because the state is going to be in desperate need of revenue." He added, "I think the pressure is going to b
CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in cannabis plants and the second most abundant active ingredient. Unlike THC, CBD does not have psychoactive effects but is instead used to promote physical relaxation, provide relief from stress and anxiety, and treat several conditions including epilepsy, chronic pain, sleep disorders, and more. As
The passwords and private information of 1.4 million users in an online cannabis growing and journaling platform may have been exposed. So alleges Volodymyr “Bob” Diachenko, an independent cybersecurity consultant, who posted a blog about his findings on LinkedIn. Original link
The University of Sydney is launching CAMS20 – an online survey of Australian medicinal cannabis use over the past 12 months. This survey will provide an updated snapshot on how Australians are currently using cannabis medicinally. Researchers predict that 600,000 Australians are using cannabis for medicinal reasons. However, the previous Cannabis
Cannabis was the clear winner in the highly competitive 2020 Election, as five states legalized both recreational and medical marijuana. Finally, it seems as if the country is starting to realize the versatile, medicinal nature of the plant. Let’s just call cannabis what it is — medicine.  Unfortunately, the negative stigma attached to marijuana st
The Rally Continues with Cannabis Stocks Original link
Less than a week after voters in New Jersey resoundingly passed a measure to legalize adult use marijuana, lawmakers in the state moved forward on plans to implement the new law. A pair of related bills passed out of two separate legislative committees on Monday, the Senate Judiciary and Assembly Oversight committees, with the aim to implement Ques
Devin Crispin began growing hemp in 2019 in hopes of producing CBD oil. He said the new plan provided by the government allows farmers to have clearer picture of what to expect before they begin the process like when to harvest and how to test their plants’ THC levels. “We have a pretty good handle on what the new regulations will be. I think the b
On the heels of a historic triumph for the legalization movement at the ballot box earlier this month, one Texas lawmaker is keen to get in on the action. Roland Gutierrez, a Democratic state House representative who was just elected to the Texas state senate, said this week that he intends to introduce legislation that would legalize both recreati
State lawmakers received new estimates on how much money the state could generate from legalizing recreation marijuana. The latest projections show a large increase from the previous estimate. Recreational marijuana will be back on the table when the 60-day legislative session starts Jan. 19. "I believe the time is now, I believe New Mexico is at t
The hemp industry is taking a significant step towards the international marketplace through a federal cost-sharing agreement supporting both a global marketing strategy and individual companies' relationships with overseas purchasers. Original link
Legislators in Springfield are hashing out a plan that one lawmaker says could potentially double the number of new marijuana shops as the state grapples with an ongoing licensing imbroglio that’s hampered the governor’s pro-pot agenda, the Sun-Times has learned. A lottery to determine the winners of the next wave of 75 licenses has been delayed in
It seems that cannabis has never attracted this much attention. After decades of being outlawed for no valid reason, many states have legalized it again. The positive campaign attracted many users and informed the public on the positive effects of marijuana. What role can this plant play for athletes? Are marijuana and bodybuilding connected, and c
According to new studies, the legalization of marijuana doesn’t lead to teens using more weed. And in the case of Colorado, the amount of teen use went slightly down after voters in the state made cannabis legal. Those findings stand in direct contradiction to a popular argument that legalization would lead to the rampant use of marijuana by undera