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2018 is only a few short days away, which means several states will be instituting new marijuana laws.


From a CBD-heavy hybrid to the best kind of weed for a party joint, our picks for this year's best cannabis.


Key legislators will meet later this week with Gov. LePage, hoping to address his objections to a proposed regulatory framework for the sale, production and taxation of pot for adult recreational use.


Marijuana is being studied as a treatment for Tourette syndrome’s involuntary movements and vocalizations.


2017 was a year of both setbacks and progress for veterans and their supporters, seeking greater access to legal medical marijuana.


A stoned, biased, and totally arbitrary round-up of some of our favorite cannabis-friendly culture from this last trip around the sun.


Around 100 farmers interested in growing hemp as a cash crop gathered last Wednesday in Barron County. Some say they're considering planting test plots as early as next year, just months after lawmakers lifted a ban on the crop.


Chefs and investors have been teaming up to offer an eye-boggling array of cannabis-infused food and beverages, weed-pairing supper clubs and other extravagant pot-to-plate events in preparation for legalization come Jan. 1


As it becomes clear that the American public is overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing cannabis, more politicians than ever began coming out in support of the marijuana movement over the past year.


The marijuana industry has reached new highs.


Jack in the Box is teaming up with weed-centric online site called Merry Jane to launch late night munchie kits.

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Secretary of State Alison Grimes' New Year's resolution is a bit blunt: Medical marijuana must be legalized in Kentucky to help veterans suffering from PTSD and others who are painfully ill.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — California’s legal pot market opens for business on Jan. 1.

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Gift-giving has long been a part of marijuana culture, and the drug’s newly legal status is a source of Yuletide celebration in four states.


Good music and good cannabis can really make me feel the same way," said keynote speaker Steve DeAngelo, "they both activate the brain-heart connection, they stimulate each other and put one in touch with the other.”


Canadian cannabis producer MedReleaf Corp on Thursday signed an agreement with retailer Loblaw Companies’ unit Shoppers Drug Mart to sell medical cannabis online.


America has been slow to embrace hemp’s revolutionary, space-age applications—not to mention the billions of dollars that hemp production and processing could bring the nation.


There's been a huge surge of interest in the natural healing powers of CBD lately — and for good reason! Doctors are saying it's one of the safest ways to treat illness, disease, and disorders like anxiety.


Ohio’s new medical marijuana program received 104 applications for up to 40 processor licenses, the state announced Wednesday.