Shares of Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY) traded nearly 3% higher in Thursday’s premarket as the pot producer rode high demand for cannabis during lockdowns to drive its first-quarter revenue higher by 43%. June-August revenue rose to $168 million from $117.5 million a year earlier. Net cannabis revenue jumped 38% as more people took to it to serve recreatio
“Technology in every industry has enabled advancement to happen faster, and the cannabis industry is no different. Due to the fragmented regulatory environment, we knew remaining compliant would be a real challenge for businesses, but one that could be addressed through the creation of advanced technologies. We set out to take what was previously a
The past few years have seen a tremendous boost in the US cannabis industry, as 36 states have legalized the substance for medical or recreational use, or both, and several others have decriminalized it. At the Federal level, cannabis remains an illegal narcotic – but Federal law also prohibits prosecution of users who are in compliance with local
 The legalization of recreational marijuana through Proposition 207 in 2020 opened a lot of doors for people with past low-level marijuana convictions. Nowadays, thousands of people have already applied for expungement under the voter-passed initiative, but not everyone can get their charges tossed out, including a Phoenix entrepreneur who says the
Almost half of US adults with breast cancer use cannabis (marijuana and hemp), most commonly in combination with cancer treatment to control symptoms and side effects, according to a new study. However, most patients do not discuss cannabis use with their doctor. The findings will be published online early. cancer.. Individual cancer People often e
Researchers at the Sustainable Earth Institute at the University of Plymouth are constructing a building on campus using the mud and fibre material. The single-storey building will be a classroom and laboratory, with its performance studied and monitored. Project bosses said it would be a "living lab and demonstration site". Image caption,The build
In what it describes as a month of climate action, Blac Sneaker Company is donating funds with each hemp sneaker purchase to have trees planted on its behalf. Relatively new on the footwear scene, Blac Sneaker Company was established in 2019 with a goal of creating simple, stylish sneakers for everyday wear that minimise environmental impact in the
Widely available marijuana once drew thousands of hippies to Nepal, where its use was not only accepted but embedded in both the culture and religion. But the country followed other nations in outlawing marijuana in the late 1970s and chased away the hippies who came on buses from Europe and United States. Half a century later, campaigners are seek
Since the beginning of July, the New Jersey Judiciary has expunged more than 362,000 marijuana and hashish cases from court records, potentially making life much easier for many folks seeking employment or housing. But, because the goal is to keep these records out of the public's eye, the only way for one to guarantee that their case has been expu
 Louisiana’s largest medical marijuana producer is adding a new growing operation in a Ruston warehouse to ready for the expansion of cannabis products in January. Good Day Farm is the medical marijuana grower licensed by Louisiana State University. Company President John Davis told The News-Star he expects to begin moving plants from Baton Rouge i
Cannabis has been legal in New York City since the end of March, but there's still no way to legally purchase it.  What is expected to be America's largest cannabis market is still stuck in limbo as New York legislators hammer out the details. When will consumers be able to walk into a store and buy cannabis? "We don't know, we don't know," Patrik
 As the cannabis industry scales, so does its need for experienced business veterans to steer companies towards the top. The demand has led to an influx of executives entering the space from other industries.  Most in the cannabis industry note that the move is a likely response to a nascent space. However, as recent analyses revealed, gender and d
Every year around Halloween time, rumors will start to creep up about “marijuana-laced” Halloween candy. Should parents be worried about there being truth behind the rumors? Some older stories stem from the 1950s that people would “heat pennies on skillets and put them into the hands of trick-or-treaters.” This eventually turned into stories about
Medical marijuana patients in Connecticut gained the right to cultivate their own cannabis plants this month and according to a local hemp farmer, hundreds of patients have since sought help cultivating green thumbs of their own.  “We’re seeing a good amount of people at least try their hand at the plant,” Luis Vega, founder of North Haven-based We
Late last week, a federal judge made an order that could dramatically change the development of Missouri's young medical marijuana industry. Missouri voters authorized a highly regulated medical cannabis system almost three years ago. Voters backed a state constitutional amendment that made it mandatory for marijuana companies operating businesses
Marijuana is the most used illicit drug among females of childbearing age and during pregnancy in the United States.1,2 This prevalence is largely secondary to the recent state level legalization of marijuana, resulting in both its availability and perceived safety. Jamie O. Lo, MD, practices in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, School o
Oregon State University’s Global Hemp Innovation Center has been cashed up to explore economic opportunities for hemp in western USA. The $10 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Sustainable Agricultural Systems grant program will fund a five- year project to be carried out in partners
New laws dealing with marijuana regulation take effect Monday. One of the most notable changes deals with the hemp-derived THC compound Delta-8. Democratic state Representative Yousef Rabhi was among the sponsors of the law to put Delta-8 and similar products under the watch of the Marijuana Regulatory Agency—or MRA. “If you regulate Delta-8 and ot
Once the bill is signed into law, Panama will be in a somewhat odd situation: It will gave a legal regime for medical cannabis, but not one for hemp. Back in October 2019, Deputy Kayra Harding introduced a bill (Proyecto de Ley No. 323) to promote the development of the hemp industry in Panama. The bill would establish a licensing regime for hemp c