Thinking about applying for a cannabis business license in New Jersey? According to Emily Seelman, Founder and CEO of Canna Business Services, you will need to act fast. New Jersey is what we would consider a "competitive state" for licensing. This means that many MSOs (multi-state operators) and newcomers alike will be clamoring for licenses becau
Cannabis delivery businesses hoping to set up shop in Novato will now have fewer location options under new restrictions passed by the city this week. The Novato City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to require delivery businesses to be at least 600 feet away from residentially zoned areas. At the same time, the council loosened location restri
Mace says she turned to cannabis for relief after a traumatic life event Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., has introduced legislation that would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level and give states control over cannabis laws and regulations. Speaking to Fox News about the bill, named the States Reform Act, Mace discussed her previous work on cannabi
 Police say more than two-dozen bags of marijuana were found in a Wantagh home. According to police, the discovery happened following an investigation into a call about a domestic disturbance. Police say when officers responded, they also found candy bars laced with mushrooms, cartridges of THC, and nearly $31,000 in cash.The homeowner, Anthony Sal
Berner once had his own business account on Instagram blocked. Rapper and cannapreneur Berner has teamed with Weedmaps to give people a place to feature cannabis on social media without fear of getting shut down. According to Ganjapreneur, the rapper who founded the Cookies brand and stores reports that Facebook and Instagram have been cracking dow
What is likely the largest marijuana recall in Michigan's history is currently underway after the state's Marijuana Regulatory Agency issued a health and safety bulletin Wednesday evening for many products tested by Viridis Laboratories. The agency said it has identified inaccurate and/or unreliable results of all marijuana products tested by Virid
A federal raid on a household marijuana garden on tribal land in northern New Mexico is sowing uncertainty and resentment about U.S. drug enforcement priorities on Native American reservations, as more states roll out legal marketplaces for recreational pot sales. In late September, Bureau of Indian Affairs officers confiscated nine cannabis plants
Alum Carl Palme nets $10,000 grand prize for entrepreneurial venture Annaboto The mood at BU’s BUild Lab IDG Capital Student Innovation Center was one of anticipation and excitement on Wednesday, November 10, as students, alums, and judges gathered for the fifth annual Innovate @BU Cannabis Start-Up Competition. The think-tank-like competition show
The saga of Ignite, Instagram celebrity-turned conservative culture warrior Dan Bilzerian’s marijuana-adjacent lifestyle brand, took a few unexpected turns in 2021. A year removed from 2020—a rollercoaster year in which Ignite posted a $50 million loss, ventured into the legal adult-use cannabis market in Canada, and scored $1 million in free money
VANCOUVER, BC, Nov. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Village Farms International, Inc. ("Village Farms" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: VFF) (TSX: VFF) today reported that the Delta, British Columbia operations of both Pure Sunfarms (cannabis) and Village Farms Fresh (produce) have not incurred any disruption from the severe weather recently experienced in the r
Party leaders in Germany’s incoming government coalition have reached an agreement to legalize marijuana nationwide. The legalization legislation is expected to be introduced during the upcoming legislative session. It will also provide broader drug harm reduction services and restrict advertising of tobacco and alcohol, along with cannabis. As it
Given the talented crop of actors in Hollywood who would excel in stoner comedy roles, fans should continue to hold out hope that major movie studios will eventually reinvest resources back into this genre. Over the course of the past several years, the lack of cult classic stoner comedies like Superbad and The Hangover have become rarities. The la
Many founders of cannabis companies have origin stories about how the powerful plant changed their lives – from enhanced intimacy and increased focus to better performance in sports and better sleep. I, however, do not have the same story. In fact, I was never really interested in cannabis and was somewhat of a reluctant participant. (article origi
Defence asks that the accused be dismissed from the Canadian Armed Forces and demoted to the rank of private. The defence and prosecution have made final submissions in the sentencing of Chelsea Cogswell, a bombardier who dosed soldiers with cannabis-infused cupcakes during a live-fire exercise in 2018. Cogswell, 28, was found guilty on nine charge
Hemp milk is prepared by the combination of hemp plant seeds (Cannabis sativa) and water. Hemp milk and other similar foods prepared from hemp seeds does not create same effects like marijuana and only contain slight concentrations of the psychotropic compound tetrahydrocannabinol. Hence its demand as an alternative for cow’s milk in coffee, smooth
It can take a while to feel the effects of edibles, but there are a few tricks that can help you get your desired results faster. It’s a crapshoot with edibles. You never really know if you’ve consumed enough of them, because their effects don’t hit you until you’ve waited at least an hour after you’ve consumed them. This often results in the commo
Skincare brand Hey Bud has launched a huge early Black Friday sale, and it’s been touted as a fantastic solution to acne-prone skin. Shoppers can bag discounts on its popular products throughout November, with up to 40 percent off. The Australian-based hemp skincare brand uses the “infamous oils derived from the cannabis plant” because it improves
Almost 67,000 pounds of medical marijuana have been sold in Arkansas since May 2019. Almost 67,000 pounds – roughly the weight of two F-35 fighter jets – of medical marijuana have been sold in Arkansas since May 2019, with the state collecting just under $45 million in taxes on the sales. Licensed dispensaries in the state have sold 66,994 pounds o
When it comes to cannabis, states like California, Colorado and Oregon get most of the attention. But some of the nation’s largest marijuana companies are planting roots south of the Mason-Dixon Line. “The South is the biggest frontier in cannabis,” says Jim Cacioppo, the CEO of Jushi, a marijuana company that has 26 dispensaries across Virginia, P