Recreational cannabis sales begin in less than two months in half of Montana’s counties. Regulators and retailers alike are scrambling to finalize last minute details before that January 1st deadline. It’s another busy morning at Missoula’s Greenhouse Farmacy. The dispensary’s staff is picking dried bulk marijuana flower out of a large plastic stor
Its debut on the Canadian stock market signaled a new era for this vertically integrated seed to sale leader. A lot of the air has been let out of the marijuana market's balloon since the heady, early days of the Canadian green rush. The legalization of cannabis in Canada failed to supercharge growth in the way that was expected, and the patchwork,
  Cannabis has anti-bacterial properties for those Winter sore throats. Cannabis possesses compounds that are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. This makes it fit to fight against strep throat bacterial infections. Different studies have shown that when used, cannabis products (especially cannabis oils) can improve the antibacterial activity of a
Elevate your “green” bean casserole or mac and cheese using cannabutter, THC extract or flower Since marijuana was legalized in Colorado, edibles have become an increasingly popular choice for buyers. In fact, edibles — a category that includes infused gummies, chocolates, cookies, candies and even beverages — accounted for 13.9% of sales in Colora
Legalising cannabis could bring Germany annual tax revenues and cost savings of about 4.7 billion euros ($5.34 billion) and create 27,000 new jobs, a survey said on Tuesday as politicians thrash out rules for the budding sector. Legalising cannabis could bring Germany annual tax revenues and cost savings of about 4.7 billion euros ($5.34 billion) a
More than a decade ago, the seeds of a new industry were planted in the Grand Canyon State. Voters approved Proposition 203, which created Arizona’s medical marijuana program. The law allowed patients with qualifying conditions to purchase cannabis products from licensed dispensaries. To address demand for medical cannabis, the Arizona Department o
More and more women are using weed in pregnancy but they may want to think twice. Researchers have found a link between marijuana use by expectant mothers and autism and childhood psychosis. Now, a small study has shown how cannabis use can affect the placenta and may be linked to higher levels of anxiety, aggression and hyperactivity in children.
Marijuana’s effect is not completely understood, which is why some people have adverse reactions to the drug and others don’t. People tend to have two reactions when it comes to using marijuana: they either find it very relaxing or they don’t. Those who belong to the latter group accuse the plant of causing them tons of paranoia and anxiety, making
In March 2021, Curaleaf Holdings, one of the largest cannabis companies in the United States, acquired EMMAC Life Sciences Group (now Curaleaf International), one of the largest vertically integrated companies in the European medical cannabis landscape. Curaleaf International was created by combining EMMAC’s scientific approach with Curaleaf’s expe
While Robert Califf did not share his stance on marijuana while serving with the FDA, back in 2016 at a cannabis-focused research summit, he acknowledged the healing possibilities of the plant. The Food and Drug Administration may get a new commissioner who has experienced the medical benefits of cannabis first hand. On Friday, President Joe Biden 
Raw marijuana doesn’t have THC, but it can be consumed for some extra benefits. Here are some examples. Amateur cannabis users likely don’t know the inner workings of cannabis. They don’t know that a key element for the “high” experience is heat, which transforms the compound THCA into THC, which is why someone might try to add raw marijuana into t
Having a full grasp of HHC can be somewhat complicated given it just recently hit the market. Presently, just a few retailers have it for sale and mostly in the form of vape carts. HHC is said to offer plenty of potentials so don't be surprised when you begin to hear more about the cannabinoid. As federal and state agencies continue to place a ban
Kankakee County Board members debated modifying the county’s zoning requirements for cannabis dispensaries before approving an amendment that would allow the facilities to apply to locate in the county’s agricultural zones. The text approved Tuesday amends County Code Sections 121-99 and 121-209 with new wording that allows dispensaries to be place
They say better late than never, but in the case of making medical cannabis available locally to West Virginia patients, wow. It was way back in April 2017 when West Virginia Governor Jim Justice signed a bill into law creating the state’s Medical Cannabis Act. Under the Act, appropriately certified patients with a qualifying condition could use ca
New Jersey is finally going to start accepting licenses for recreational cannabis businesses, more than a year after the measure passed. Cannabis regulators in New Jersey announced this week that the state would begin accepting applications for marijuana business licenses next month, more than a year after voters in the state legalized recreational
Medical marijuana and physicians is still a tricky situation.  Medical marijuana is already a mainstream facet of healthcare delivery in many states in the US. Physicians in states where legal marijuana programs are fully established are saddled with the responsibility of giving certificates for approval to patients they deem fit for the program. P
Here’s why Canadian cannabis stocks such as Canopy Growth and Auxly can help you beat the market in the future. Investors who buy individual stocks aim to outpace the broader markets over a period of time. But doing so requires a ton of expertise, patience, and foresight to understand long-term trends. Canadian cannabis stocks touched record highs
As environmental disasters are increasing, we need to look to sustainable building, and hemp could be the answer. Hemp could be the building material that accelerates the sustainable industry. The year 2020 marked a devastating time period for myriad reasons. Among the pantheon of pain was the immense damage brought on by natural disasters. In earl
Trulieve Cannabis Corp.  (CSE: TRUL) (OTCQX: TCNNF) announced its results for the quarter ended September 30, 2021, as revenue increased 64% year-over-year to $224.1 million, beating estimates by $2 million. Trulieve also delivered a net income of $18.6 million, although the company did note that it was impacted by $16.4 million of one-time compens