Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) signed a bill into law this week that would expand the pool of individuals who are eligible to receive medical marijuana business licenses, lifting the ban that had disqualified individuals with a cannabis-related felony or misdemeanor convictions on their records. Article originally appeared on Benzinga Though th
Amsterdam is notorious for its excellent food, canals, architecture, and world-class nightlife. But the city is also world-famous for its coffee shops, otherwise known as cannabis cafes. If you see a ‘coffee shop’ in Amsterdam, you’re probably not going to get your daily fix of caffeine. Amsterdam has 166 coffee shops, and they attract millions of
How Congress stumbled into delivering a buzz Months after U.S. states scrambled to close a loophole that allowed psychoactive cannabis to be sold in gas stations across the U.S., even where marijuana is illegal, a second loophole is being exploited. Here it is in a nutshell, according to Jim Higdon, the founder of Cornbread Hemp: The 2018 U.S. farm
Since the challenges cannabis retailers are facing don’t appear to be going away anytime soon, the best case scenario is for them to be able to successfully adjust to a new normal. Just as the cannabis industry was beginning to catch its stride, the world was swept into a panic caused by COVID-19. The ways in which the pandemic has affected the sup
Cannabis has been used in traditional Asian medicines for millennia, yet the weed business is still raising eyebrows within some families. Cannabis has been widely used in traditional Asian medicines for more than a millennium but before its now widespread legalization in the United States it was seen among many Asian-American communities as a frow
These Cannabis Companies Have Seen Significant Revenue Growth. Are you looking for the best marijuana stocks to buy in November? To close the first week in November the top cannabis stocks to invest in began showing significant upside in the market. This is partly because of Republican-led legislation that would end cannabis prohibition on the fede
The man was arrested for drug driving after testing positive for cannabis. A takeaway delivery rider was caught carrying five bags of cannabis together with a McDonald's meal, police say. The 18-year-old man from Reading was stopped by officers on Wednesday and arrested for drug driving. In a post on Facebook the roads policing team said: "I'm fair
The Channel Island of Guernsey appears to be throwing its hat into the cannabis legalization ring as soon as next year. For those watching the European cannabis discussion develop, one of the most interesting places to be right now is the island of Guernsey. Located between France and the UK, the island has been going gangbusters on the medical ref
Two people from Oregon are in jail after being caught with 259 pounds of marijuana in LaGrange County. State Police pulled them over on the Toll Road yesterday. A police K9 smelled the pot and the officer searched the vehicle. Both are facing charges of dealing marijuana and possession. Rate this article:  Select ratingGive Two arrested with 259 po
Legalization doesn't matter as much as it may seem. Amidst its historic growth spurt prompted by legalization and decriminalization at the state level, the cannabis industry is continuing to mature and change. As in every industry, the best companies are adapting and using the changing conditions to their benefit, whereas the weakest are struggling
VANCOUVER, BC, Nov. 1, 2021 /CNW/ - LEAF Mobile Inc. (TSX: LEAF) (OTC: LEMLF) ("LEAF" or the "Company"), Canada's leading free-to-play mobile game group, along with their subsidiary company, LDRLY Games Inc. ("LDRLY"), announced today the worldwide launch of their next free-to-play mobile title, B-Real Monster Buds, in collaboration with DGT Enterp
Washington, D.C. has made changes to the expiration of medical cannabis cards, as well as increased possession limits for medical cannabis patients. City leaders in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday extended a lifeline to the district’s beleaguered medical cannabis dispensaries.  The D.C. Council gave unanimous approval to an emergency bill that will all
Cannabis was found in two separate buildings on the property, stored in glass jars, plastic bags and large plastic containers, along with 10 guns. A 33-year-old Amish man has been arrested in Tennessee after police officers discovered cash, guns and 25 pounds (11.3 kilograms) of cannabis on his property. Earlier this week, officers with the Lawrenc
Warning included in Jackson County property tax bills The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is warning property owners they could face huge fines and even criminal charges if they lease their land to people growing illegal marijuana. The warning letter by Jackson County Sheriff Nathan Sickler went out with this fall’s property tax bills. Josephine Co
At least one lender has opened the door to income from the marijuana industry buying, refinancing and pulling cash out. Mortgage lenders knowingly and sometimes unwittingly provide residential purchase and refinance loans to tax cheats, money launderers and even straw buyers. How so? Lenders typically face a low bar for income documentation, they d
  A proposed amendment to the Arkansas Constitution to legalize recreational marijuana and allow for a number of cannabis businesses proportional to the state's population was filed with the secretary of state's office Thursday morning. The Arkansas Adult Use and Expungement Marijuana Amendment will be one of at least three adult-use cannabis propo
Are Canopy Growth and Aurora Cannabis better investments since the departure of their CEOs more than a year ago? Last month, cannabis producer Hexo (NASDAQ:HEXO) made news when it announced a change in leadership. It's not an uncommon occurrence in a fast-changing industry like marijuana where companies are always adjusting their strategies. But do
'The mainstreaming of medical cannabis is going to depend a lot on state level industries’ ability to develop products that appeal to customer’s health needs,' UW professor says. Recent studies on the use of medical cannabis provide differing evidence regarding the benefits or risks of the drug in medicinal treatments and applications. The discussi
A case study of a U.K. woman whose lung tumour shrunk without the aid of conventional treatments while she was taking a daily dose of cannabidiol (CBD) oil has scientists suggesting it may be worth studying the use of CBD oil further. The report, published in BMJ Case Reports in October, describes how the woman’s tumour shrunk from 41 mm to 10 mm i