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Pests and contaminates are a given in the cultivation of cannabis, and most standards developed to control these on other agricultural products don’t apply. This is why the U.S. Pharmacopeia has stepped in to provide analytical methods and risk-based limits for the industry to help protect public health, including looking at how cannabis is grown,
Columbia Care Inc.  (OTCQX: CCHWF) is buying privately-held Green Leaf Medical, LLC  for approximately $240 million with the potential for additional performance-based milestone payments. Columbia will make a payment of $240 million, consisting of a cash payment of $45 million with the balance of $195 million being satisfied by the issuance of 43,9
Up 64% and 34%, respectively, Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY) and HEXO (NYSE:HEXO) are among the best-performing cannabis stocks in the industry over the past three months. And the momentum seems to be just getting started, as they both have massive upside potential going into 2021.  Original link
Let’s be honest, 2020 sucked for everyone. Okay, everyone not named Bezos, Musk, or Zuckerberg. But when the going gets tough, the tough get… stoned? Cannabis sales were up 38 percent from last year, as many of us have hunkered down at home with whatever helps us handle the stresses of the day: our favorite foods, TV shows we still haven’t binged,
There are many reasons to include a cannabis-inspired cocktail at your holiday mixer this year. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or virtual happy-hour, cannabis cocktails are becoming increasingly popular. And luckily, the best place to start experimenting with cannabis-infused cocktails is right in your own home. Here are three easy cannabis inf
Australia’s Neurotech International Limited (ASX: NTI) has reported final results of in-vitro studies indicate its DOLCE/NTI cannabis strains exhibit potent anti-inflammatory activity. Neurotech acquired an exclusive worldwide license to utilise proprietary cannabis strains from Dolce Cann Global, which it hopes could potentially be used to treat n
As time goes on, alternative plant medicine, such as cannabis, are slowly changing the way pain management is viewed and executed. Did you know that in 2019, chronic pain impacted one-third of the U.S. population? This number continues to rise, and so does the consumption of various substances to help manage and/or combat pain. Currently, different
The USA’s Federal Trade Commission has announced its first crackdown on CBD vendors that make deceptive claims about their products. Operation CBDeceit is already poised to claim a few scalps – its goal being to protect consumers from false, deceptive and misleading health claims regarding cannabidiol (CBD) made in online advertisements, on web sit
On December. 10th, The Mexico Supreme Court accepted a last-minute petition from the Lower House of Congress to postpone the vote on recreational cannabis legalization in the country, originally scheduled for December 15th. Mexican legislators now have until April 30th, 2021 to make “marihuana” legal south of the border. Though the vote had been po
In 2020, cannabinoid production undoubtedly continued to steal the hemp show. According to a recent survey by market analytics firm Hemp Benchmarks, nearly 90% of growers opted to cultivate hemp either for cannabidiol (CBD) or cannabigerol (CBG). But excitement has been simmering for another segment of the hemp market: hemp fiber. With the potentia
It's been a crazy year on Wall Street. Investors only have eyes for the unrelenting rally in and growth prospects of tech stocks. But they might be overlooking an even greater growth story: marijuana stocks. Though cannabis stocks have been on a wild ride of their own over the last five to seven years, we're beginning to see the first signs of indu
The National Basketball Association and the NBA Players Association have reached an agreement that will not test players for marijuana use for the entirety of the 2020 to 2021 season, which starts December 22. It's a continuation of a policy used during the unusual "bubble" arrangement for the 2020 NBA playoffs in Orlando. In announcing the decisio
Unlike the breathalyzer, which can detect alcohol impairment within seconds, Indiana’s new drug test experiment only shows that a motorist has used drugs. As more states work to loosen their marijuana laws, and in many cases, make it part of legal society, some are still clinging to antiquated Drug War concepts in an attempt to disrupt progress. In
It's been a few months since Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation, the state's first legal medical marijuana producer and dispensary, expanded with more Texas pick-up locations, including Plano, San Antonio, and Houston in addition to its Austin flagship. But many still may be unsure of what the company provides or how to start the process to g
On December 11, 2020, the Arizona Department of Health Services (the “Department”) released proposed regulations for adult use marijuana. Click HERE to review the proposed regulations. This post will discuss some of the licensing and operational issues for adult use marijuana establishments. Overall, we like what we are seeing so far. Original link
The U.K.’s Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency is cautioning people who CBD products, reporting that individuals who suffered harmful side effects following consumption ballooned to 56 in 2019 from just four in 2017. According to the Daily Mail, the agency cites individuals between the ages of 50 and 59 as reporting a big chunk of the
Many non-contagious ailments cause millions of deaths worldwide. Unfortunately, tobacco addiction stands among the top triggers of such diseases. Each year, over seven million people die of tobacco-related complications. In the US alone, more than 40 million adults have a nicotine addiction. Worse yet, tobacco addiction therapies don’t seem to be e
Blue Dream, Purple Haze, Girl Scout Cookies, Red Headed Stranger, Acapulco Gold, Fruity Pebbles or Pineapple Express… all classic strain names and all of them meaningless. “Strain names are absolutely misleading with considerable variation in the same cannabinoid content among different specimens of the same strain. You can get the same color and t
They say that “Necessity is the mother of invention.” I would like to add a corollary to that adage. How about: “Cannabis is the mother of innovation”? Cannabis has been sparking invention and innovation since before the first stoner looked in the fridge and created a salty, sweet, savory snack from whatever disparate ingredients were found therein