One of the world’s foremost travel authorities is preparing for a Green Rush of marijuana tourism.
For those of us who love to travel (and that is most of us) the only thing better than visiting a new destination, would be if you were able to do it with your friend Mary Jane.
Mary Forgione ~ Los Angeles Times ~   This could make you euphoric: Smoking is allowed at the new Hotel San Ayre in Colorado Springs, Colo. After all, it's part of the Bud+Breakfast group.
Brian Floyd ~ SB Nation ~   It's legal in Washington State, but is it against the rules to bring it to Chambers Bay during the U.S. Open? No!
Casey Parks ~ The Oregonian ~   Oregon marijuana users helped propel a Vancouver retailer to the top recreational weed shop in Washington.
Ted Shorack ~ The Bulletin ~   The draw may be rooted in the same attraction to local craft breweries
Laura Powell ~ CNN ~   Walking in the woods, cannabis day spas and rolling around in sand.
Soo Kim ~ Telegraph ~   A Colorado hotel is offering cannabis-friendly accommodation, providing guests marijuana with breakfast, smoking equipment and “healing” cannabis-infused massages.
Lauren Gambino ~ The Guardian ~   What’s a pot enthusiast to do when possession is legal but public smoking is not? Enter a startup eyeing the wine country of weed and cannabis-friendly rentals
Stephanie Ocano ~ HealthCare Global ~   As you may have just heard, medical marijuana will soon be legal in Puerto Rico, provided the executive order signed by its governer, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, unfolds as planned.
Jake Ellison ~ Seattle PI ~    Sales in April through the 27th (which include growers to processors, processors to retailers and retailers to, well, you maybe) had already topped sales in March -
Erin Breen ~ KTVN News2 ~   The state of Colorado legalized recreational marijuana a year and a half ago. And those in the industry there say it is already showing dividends in terms of tourism.