At a recent presentation, a scientist described how he and his team were able to recycle leftover hemp bast fiber into powerful energy-storing supercapacitors.
INDIANAPOLIS -- Marijuana’s high-less cousin is a step closer to returning to Indiana. Lawmakers have allowed the state seed commissioner to license farmers to grow industrial hemp - if and when the federal government stops treating it like a Schedule I drug.
In the first study of its kind, scientists have analyzed long-term marijuana use in teens, comparing IQ changes in twin siblings who either used or abstained from marijuana for 10 years.
David Downs ~ ~   Why grow marijuana when you can brew it?
 Brooke Borel ~ The Atlantic ~   A side effect of a federal drug law has left legal pot farmers without any approved pesticides—and as a result, many have turned to harmful chemicals to protect their crops.
Ed Cara ~ Medical Daily ~   Canadian researchers unraveled the genetic structure of 81 different marijuana and 43 hemp samples, in an attempt to test long-held assumptions about cannabis.
Alexandra Posadzki ~ The Canadian Press ~   TORONTO – When Sarah Stuive first got into the natural pest control business – which uses predatory insects, or “good bugs,” to weed out pests – she never expected to be working with cannabis plants.
Tom Weber ~ Minnesota Public Radio ~ A University of Minnesota plant biologist has identified a key gene that distinguishes hemp from marijuana.
Natalie Grover ~ Reuters ~   As cannabis bans are relaxed in more U.S. states, the race is on to develop an instant roadside breathalyzer for police to test drivers who may be taking the "high" road.
Michael Roberts ~ Westword ~   Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is the state agency that most frequently raises alarms about marijuana use.
Saul Hubbard ~ The Register-Guard ~   Marijuana advocates fear cross-pollination with low-THC hemp, and state legislators take up the issue
Laura Hoy ~ Benzinga ~   As with any newly developing industry, marijuana has had several unforeseen setbacks on the road to becoming a blossoming new sector.
Meredith Rizzo ~ NPR ~   When Erik Christiansen started smoking pot, he became fascinated by the look of different marijuana strains. But the photographs of marijuana he saw didn't capture the variety.
Hampton Sides ~ National Geographic ~   As the once-vilified drug becomes more accepted, researchers around the world are trying to understand how it works and how it might fight disease.
Jacob Sullum ~ Forbes ~    Next Thursday I am scheduled to debate Robert White, co-author (with Bill Bennett) of Going to Pot: Why the Rush to Legalize Marijuana Is Harming America, on Glenn Beck’s radio show.
Christopher Hooton ~ Independent UK ~   It's our legal drug of choice that is at the beginning of the chain