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What to Look for in a Cannabis Delivery Service

Cannabis delivery is finally becoming available across the country, but despite this being many a-weed smokers’ dream, the service is still new and a little difficult to navigate. Some delivery services seem a little iffy, or not entirely trustworthy, while others seem to only cater to customers that are willing to shell out exorbitant amounts of money for the privilege of having weed delivered directly to their door.

Every service is a little bit different, so choosing the right one can take a little time and trial and error. To help you find the right weed delivery service for your needs, we’ve created this simple guide featuring tips for selecting a reputable delivery service to make your weed delivery dreams a reality.

Is This Delivery Service Compliant?

A legitimate cannabis delivery service must comply with state and local cannabis rules and regulations. As a consumer, you want your weed delivery to be above board not only to prevent yourself from getting into legal trouble but also to ensure that the products you buy are from a reputable source. If you can’t trust them to follow basic regulations, how can you trust them to bring you top-notch cannabis?

Best practice to ensure you are ordering from a compliant delivery service is to look for the company’s cannabis license, which should be prominently displayed on their website and any email communications.

Is Tax Applied To Your Purchase?

Like other consumer products, recreational and medical marijuana purchases are taxed. If the cannabis delivery service you choose does not apply tax to their products (either before or after purchase) they are likely not compliant with local regulations and restrictions.

Do They Accept Credit/Debit Cards

In states where cannabis delivery is legal, some delivery providers are typically authorized to accept credit and debit cards, whereas some states restrict cannabis sales to cash only. Due to federal regulations, direct credit card payments are typically not compliant, although some third-party apps are able to process transactions via credit card. Debit cards are generally more widely accepted, but also require the use of third-party apps and payment processors.

Do You Need a Medical Marijuana Card to Order?

Some services may cater only to medical marijuana cardholders, but these services are typically operated by medical marijuana dispensaries and services geared towards medical patients. In legal states where adults over 21 can legally purchase marijuana, you should not need to present a medical marijuana card to qualify for delivery.

Do They Have the Brands That You Want?

Like choosing your favorite grocery store or clothing line, choosing the right cannabis delivery service means finding one that offers the products you want. Check various services to see what types of products they offer, and see if you can find one that carries the brands or products you want specifically.

Some newbies to cannabis delivery like to choose a service with a wide range of products, which can allow them to explore and find specific items that work for them. More experienced buyers may wish to narrow their options down, sticking to those that offer the best prices on brands they know and trust.

How To Spot Fake Cannabis Brands

Cannabis products from licensed brands are typically higher quality and safer to use, but some crafty con-artists have become quite good at creating fakes. When purchasing cannabis from a new source, it is important to pay close attention to the products to determine whether they are legitimate or not.

Licensed retailers and delivery services will clearly display license numbers, will carry legitimate, well-known brands, and will sell their products at market prices. Illegitimate delivery services may try to sell fake, non-licensed products, but if you know what to look for, these are easy to avoid. Here are a few simple things you can do to spot fake cannabis brands and avoid being duped:

Become familiar with state-mandated icons. Most states require cannabis retailers to display THC warnings and other icons on their packaging, so the absence of these can mean you are dealing with a fake. Check the manufacturer’s website to see if the retailer is listed as a verified seller of the brand’s products. Avoid cartridges packaged in unsealed cardboard boxes. Stick to sealed, manufactured packaging. Check packaging for information like batch and lot numbers, manufacturing dates, and packaging dates. Avoid suspiciously inexpensive products. If you know that a product is normally sold for a significantly higher price, the version you are seeing is likely a fake. Discover brands you like and become familiar with their packaging and products. Check reviews online. If you are unsure of a product, look it up to find out if others have used the same item. This will allow you to learn more about where it came from and how it was manufactured.

Is This Delivery Service Local

Another simple way to determine whether a weed delivery service is reputable and legitimate is by finding out whether they are local. Most legitimate services will be connected to a local business, will have some kind of reputation in the area, or will cater specifically to the area. Unfortunately, anyone can claim to be local, and it is up to you to determine whether or not that is true.

Can You Contact the Business?

If the weed delivery service provides a number or contact information for their local branch, and you can get in contact with them to ask questions and receive service, this is a good sign. Services that are lying about their status or legitimacy will likely not be organized enough to have a physical presence or location, or won’t be able to provide customers with services beyond the actual deliveries.

Is There a Delivery App?

It is not compliant to sell cannabis through a phone app, as iTunes and Google Play stores will not allow apps that directly sell cannabis. Third-party apps are often required for debit card payments and processing.

How Long Will the Cannabis Delivery Take?

Delivery is meant to be convenient, which is why you should be suspicious of weed delivery services that keep late or unusual hours. A legitimate cannabis delivery service should be able to give you a specific delivery window and should be able to bring you your order promptly, not late in the evening, or after days of waiting. A good delivery service will give you approximate delivery times, will keep you updated on the route and timeline of your delivery, and won’t deliver outside of extended business hours.

Is There a Minimum Amount You Must Spend?

Some cannabis delivery apps and services require customers to meet a minimum spending requirement. Depending on your specific needs and how much cannabis you wish to purchase, this can be no problem at all or a major obstacle. Find a service whose minimum is one that you can comfortably spend. Choosing the most affordable-for-your-budget option will also help you to feel more satisfied with your purchase.

What Payment Methods are Accepted?

Finally, select a delivery option that will allow you to use your preferred payment method. Delivery is supposed to be convenient, so finding the service that makes the experience the most convenient it can be for you is important for creating a positive experience.

Cannabis Delivery Takeaways

Thanks to legalization gone are the days of making shady exchanges with the neighborhood black market dealer. In states where cannabis is recreationally legal, you now can have an above-board smoke sesh with your premium marajuna delivered direct to your door. Buyers beware - not all weed delivery is created equal.

If you have explored the aray of delivery companies out there but are still unsure where to order, look no further. Budee has an incredible section of premium cannabis with no order minimum. This makes them the perfect option for all budgets.

Another excellent cannabis delivery service is Ganjarunner. Their site always has great deals. Ganjarunner even offers discounts that you can sign up to get new offers sent straight to your phone ensuring you never miss out on the best deals on your favorite weed.

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