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Ways to Use Cannabis to Manage Stress

In recent years, many people have woken up to the benefits of cannabis, and all of the different ways in which it can help people to deal with stress, and relax in their daily life. However, there is a balance to be struck.

People might find that certain sativa strains help them, while other people focus on indica strains. Usually, people will want to find a strain of marijuana that is high in CBD, but go too far in with THC and you will probably find that you are provoking more of a “fight or flight” response, and therefore find that cannabis is not the most effective way that you can manage and reduce stress.

In this guide, we’re exploring what the studies say regarding cannabis and stress management.

Microdosing Could Be Key

It helps to understand that the two main impacting compounds in cannabis are CBD and THC. They can be found in different amounts in different strains, depending on whether you opt for sativa or indica or other hybrid strains.

CBD tends to have a very positive effect on the body as it binds to the body’s serotonin receptors to help your mood in general, but too much can make you feel sleepy.

Some studies show that THC could actually cause anxiety if you take a lot of it by provoking the body and mind fight or flight mechanism. In low doses, though, the studies show that THC can help to fight anxiety. There are numerous theories regarding cannabis dosing, and it is worth experimenting to see what works for your own needs.

Take Note of the Terpenes

Terpenes are another substance found within marijuana, and different combinations can change how the cannabis interacts with your body. For example, Beta-caryophyllene is shown to have stress-lowering properties, but if you take a lot of this alongside limonene and pinene it can energize or make you feel more on edge.

Understanding terpenes is a key part of working out what is going on in your body, and with the cannabis strains you’re consuming. Limonene, for example, is a lemony-flavored terpene that has an impact of anti-depressant qualities, so you can enjoy the benefits of this when consuming marijuana.

Figuring Out the Right Dosage & Ingestion Method for You

Dosage is absolutely vital with any form of cannabis. You can use a handy dosage chart to work out roughly where to start, but the best advice is always to start with a very low dosage and work your way up to something that has more of a profound influence. If you’re starting with 1mg and finding that it has no noticeable impact, you can increase this the next time you consume cannabis.

Ingestion methods are also vital, and there are a few to choose from. Ingestion is about convenience, but it is also about how you can get weed into your system quickly in some scenarios. Different methods take longer. For example, smoking or vaping immediately circulates around the body for an effect straight away, but edibles take longer to kick in. They tend to last stronger too, as it is ingested via the liver not the lungs. Do you need something that will kick in straight away? For instance, if you are prone to suddenly feeling quite anxious then you might want to go for something like a vape that can get the marijuana straight into your system. This is a way to ensure that you start to feel the benefits quickly, rather than an edible, where you could have to wait hours.

As well as the strain, it is so important that you give some thought to how you are getting the cannabis into your body.

Dosing cannabis for stress, anxiety and depression

Getting the dosage right is essential no matter what you are taking marijuana for. Recreational dosing, as well as dosing for anxiety and stress, should be considered carefully when you are looking to get the benefits of marijuana.

A Washington State University study showed that just one “puff” of cannabis would be helpful for depression, and two puffs could help with anxiety, but this is not the most scientifically accurate study due to the fact that a “puff” is not a very scientific measure, of course.

We recommend using a strain that is strong in CBD, but that doesn’t mean that THC is the enemy, both can work together to manage stress and help with your mood. The key is to start low and find a therapeutic level. This means that you feel the benefits but not many of the side-effects. Taking a lot of cannabis is not likely to have any serious effects, but it is still best to get to a sustainable level, and still be able to function normally in your daily life.

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Rebecca Akers is an enthusiastic and creative writer at THC Design. Her main goal is to spread information about weed strains and its health benefits.

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