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This Cannabis Project Will Help Military Veterans Get Jobs in the Marijuana Industry - Cannabis News

For some vets, cannabis can serve not only as a medical treatment, but as a professional endeavor to get them back on their feet.

When he returned from war in 2004, veteran Roberto Pickering was diagnosed as 100 percent disabled from posttraumatic stress disorder.

"Who I am today, I'm a normal guy until you peel the onion back," he says. "It's taken me 13 years to get to this point. I'm not longer on prescription pills, no longer using alcohol. I taught myself nutrition, I'm not a full vegan, practicing Buddhist. I went full circle from a marine sniper."

Cannabis played no small role in Pickering's recovery process. Now his goal is to help other vets suffering from trauma and other war injuries use cannabis to get better.

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Madison Margolin ~ LAWeekly.com

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