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The best CBD for cats

cat being given CBD


It’s not always easy to tell when your feline is stressed, but cats can be as anxiety-prone as people. Additionally, many aging cats start to experience joint pain and overall discomfort caused by conditions such as arthritis.

CBD products can offer a plethora of benefits to your furry friend. If you're looking for a great CBD product to soothe your cat, Cornbread CBD Oil for Pets works excellently for calming anxious behaviors. What to know before you buy CBD for cats


Many humans have begun turning to CBD to relieve joint and back pain, anxiety, sleeplessness and various inflammatory issues. As such, it isn't surprising that the market for pets has grown significantly. There aren't many conclusive studies about the effects of CBD, but one 2016 Israeli study linked CBD oil to a decrease in seizure frequency for children. Animals can be prone to seizures too, so the study bodes well for epileptic pets.


CBD for cats can treat a number of physical and emotional conditions. Inflammatory conditions like arthritis can be eased with CBD. The same may be true for cats with seizures and cats recovering from surgical procedures. CBD can even work for digestive issues, as it can reduce swelling in a cat’s digestive tract and improve overall discomfort. CBD is equally as popular for treating behavioral issues, the two major ones being anxiety and aggression. Since CBD interacts with endocannabinoids, which affect mood, CBD can help regulate and stabilize mood.


Cats are notoriously picky. In the beginning, you may have trouble getting your cat to warm up to the taste of CBD. Opt for a flavored CBD oil or a CBD treat. Either can be dropped or crumbled into your cat’s food.

CBD for cats features

If your cat is especially picky, you may look for a flavored CBD oil. Common flavors include salmon, beef, chicken and others that cats love. You can also opt for treats that infuse these flavors into the CBD. Just be mindful if you’re treating a cat with food allergies.

CBD oil vs. hemp oil

If you search for CBD for cats, you’ll likely come across hemp seed oil too. Both products come from the hemp plant and not the marijuana plant (the high level of THC in the marijuana plant makes it unsafe for cats). While CBD for cats is extracted from the hemp plant’s flowers, leaves and stalks, hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds alone. Many consider hemp seed oil as more of a supplement rather than a singular treatment. Hemp seed oil is chockfull of omega-3s, which are good for cardiovascular health, joint health and skin and coat health.


CBD oil is a common way to dispense CBD. Dosage depends on the cat’s weight. With oil, there are a number of ways to dose your cat.

You may drop the oil directly into your cat’s mouth, if they allow you to. For more finicky cats, you may find it easier to simply drop the oil in their food, on cat treats or in an empty dish. Cats with pickier palates may not care for the taste of CBD. For them, you’ll have better luck with CBD treats. These are often soft chews or hard treats that a cat can eat on their own.

CBD for cats cost 

On average, you can expect to pay $15-$60 on CBD for cats. Pricing largely depends on the product’s form, whether or not it includes THC and its overall quantity.

CBD for cats FAQ

Will my cat get high from CBD?

A. No, your cat won't become high from CBD. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. CBD can provide the calming effects of THC without the effects of being high.

How long will it take CBD for cats to start working?

A. In the short-term, it takes anywhere from 15-45 minutes for a cat to start feeling the effects of CBD, but it may take up to 1-2 weeks to start noticing overall changes in mood and disposition.

Which CBD for cats should I get?

Best of the best CBD for cats 

Cornbread CBD Oil for Pets: available at Cornbread Hemp

Our take: With a hint of THC and added flavoring, CBD Oil for Pets can reduce behavioral and physical discomfort.

What we like: The corndog flavor can add appeal for picky cats. Manufacturers recommend mixing the oil with food, and a number of users noted that their cats actually enjoyed the taste.

What we dislike: Some report vomiting with pets upon use. Be sure to follow the dosing directions.

Best bang for your buck CBD for cats

Try the CBD CBD Oil for Cats: available at Try the CBD

Our take: This pet-friendly CBD works well for cats experiencing pain and those with behavioral issues.

What we like: A highly concentrated formula, so a small amount goes a long way. Enough for 1-2 months' use. Users rave about improvements in pets with anxiety and those managing pain. CBD comes from organic hemp, so there are no heavy metals or pesticides. Works for a wide range of pets.

What we dislike: Not all cats like the taste — start with a little and see how your cat likes it.

Honorable mention CBD for cats

Huggibles Raw Organic Hemp Oil for Cats: available at Amazon

Our take: A worthy alternative to CBD oil, Huggibles is effective for treating numerous conditions.

What we like: Buyers notice results in their cat's demeanor, particularly those experiencing anxiety, overgrooming, redirected aggression and other behaviors. Flavorless and easily absorbed into food. Excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6. Ingredients are organic.

What we dislike: If you want CBD oil, hemp oil is mildly different.

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