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Marijuana bills pile up in Georgia Legislature – Marijuana News

ATLANTA -- Of seven bills filed in the state Legislature that would loosen some cannabis laws, only the one dealing with cultivation of medical cannabis has any strength behind it so far.

While this might not be the year it or any of the other marijuana bills pass, some see growing evidence that marijuana isn't the taboo subject it once was.

"I think it's going to crumble eventually. Three years ago I would never have imagined we'd be standing here talking about this issue," said James Bell, director of the Georgia CARE Project, which aims to end all prohibitions on cannabis.

Bell was watching from the back of the room as state Sen. Harold Jones II, D-Augusta, spoke about a bill he has filed that would make all marijuana possession a misdemeanor. If that became law, there would be no felony-level marijuana possession charge, and selling it would remain a felony.

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