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Five essential gifts for weed lovers

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There are numerous stoner-approved products on the market that could make a bigger impression than ever expected.

With holiday season fast approaching, it’s fair for people to wonder what gifts would make perfect surprises for the cannabis enthusiast in their lives.

There are numerous stoner-approved products on the market that could make a bigger impression than ever expected for loved ones receiving them as gifts.

Here are some gift ideas that weed lovers, in particular, will appreciate this holiday season.

Smell-proof stash bag

Even though cannabis is legal in many locales in the U.S., no one wants to obnoxiously reek of weed whenever carrying it from point A to point B.

That’s when having a smell-proof container could certainly come in handy. Having something to safely stash cannabis that locks the smell in could avoid attracting unwanted attention, making it a must-have for stoners who take their goods to-go from time to time.

Electric portable cannabis grinder and dispenser

Another must-have tool in the arsenal of weed aficionados is a grinder that can be easily transported.

A portable cannabis grinder and dispenser make the process of breaking down bud much cleaner and simpler than with a traditional grinder. Additionally, an electric grinder can grind the bud much faster than by hand or with a manual grinder.

This is the ideal gift for helping one’s faviourite weed enthusiast take his or her process for breaking down bud into the 21st century.

Foldable rolling tray

The next gift idea certain to make an impact on the daily routine of the stoner gift recipient is a foldable rolling tray. That’s the type of resource that can help cannabis smokers keep their living space free of the excess bud and ashes.

The fact that this rolling tray can be easily stored gives it a clear advantage over other rolling trays that can be found online and in smoke shopsin the U.S.

A foldable rolling tray also comes with sections that make it easier to organize things such as lighters and rolling papers.

Odour-eliminating candles

Although it seems like an essential item that every stoner has handy, odour-eliminating candles could be the perfect gift to give the marijuana lover who already has everything.

Since a lot of stoners live in places, such as apartments or duplexes, there’s the possibility of them spreading the aroma of their cannabis smoke to the dismay of neighbours. Odour-eliminating candles can snuff out that problem, which rids users of fears of unintentionally hotboxing shared living spaces.

Reusable mini joint filter

After smoking enough joints, the most seasoned cannabis users can attest to experiencing the buildup of resin around its mouthpiece. That can make the experience of smoking one less enjoyable than it should be.

This is just one of the problems that a reusable mini joint filter can solve for the cannabis lover in your life.

Another way reusable mini joint filters make the lives of stoners easier is by providing better airflow while smoking than people may get while using paper or cardboard filters.

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