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Cannabis Canada: Pot generates $8.16B toward Canada's economy - Cannabis News

Image of a US soldier smoking
Legislators failed by just three votes 213-210, to add an amendment, which would have prevented the Department of Veterans Affairs from prohibiting the doctors at Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals about medical marijuana discussion with veterans as an alternative treatment, to the Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations bill.
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House Votes To Let VA Doctors Recommend Medical Marijuana To Vets – Marijuana News

Image of legal medical marijuana in Colorado
Post-traumatic stress disorder, along with migraines and irritable bowel syndrome, have been recommended as additions to the list of conditions that can be treated by medical marijuana in Illinois.
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If You're Curious About Cannabis, Try Microdosing - Cannabis News

Image of an indoor legal medical marijuana grow in Washington State.
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The Sinaloa Cartel is losing its Marijuana Business, and El Chapo's sons are going after the 'premium weed' market to make up for it

Image of Joy Grainge, medical marijuana user
Donna Vickroy ~ Chicago Tribune ~
"Patients are not criminals," says Homewood mom who uses marijuana to cope with chronic pain
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Hemp Prices Continue To Fall

Image of marijuana flower top
Your child has a condition you think CBD can help, but you live in a non-medical marijuana state. You want to order it online. Think twice.
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Tennessee Introduces 2022 Cannabis Bill

Image of legal medical marijuana in New York
Jon Campbell ~ Politics on the Hudson ~
Medical-marijuana advocates are less than pleased.
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MetroWest saw a sharp decline in teen Marijuana use during the pandemic. Will it last?

Image of a tick infected with Lyme disease attacking a human
Natural Cures Not Medicine ~
An insect bite seems like a minor annoyance, but when from an infected tick it can cause Lyme disease which is often be life changing.
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