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Does Anxiety Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Florida?

In the last few years, more and more countries have a positive attitude towards the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

Of course, there are laws that regulate its cultivation, sale and consumption of marijuana. Although its positive effect is emphasized a lot, there are also opponents of the use of this plant.

Its medicinal properties, such as the relief of pain and inflammatory processes, have long been known. It was still used by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. If you want to find out what Florida law thinks about the medical use of marijuana, keep reading.

What is anxiety and what are the symptoms?

Anxiety is a state of consciousness, involving the whole organism, emotions, physical sensations and perceptions, thoughts and behavior. States of fear, worry and panic have been recognized as problems since ancient times.

Constant nervousness and anticipation that something bad will happen significantly lowers the quality of life. An example of anxiety is the constant thought that we will fail in society, that we will not be able to pay the bills at the end of the month, that something will happen to a close person, etc.

Nervousness and fear lead to loss of control, because the autonomic nervous system is more easily activated in such people than in other people.

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Keeping Cannabis away from kids

Monroe County Community College recently hosted an education session aimed at helping prevent marijuana use by Michigan’s youth.

Vicky Loveland, Development Coordinator for the Monroe County Substance Abuse Coalition, recently presented “Cannabis Overview: Protecting Our Youth” via Zoom.  Loveland is a licensed social worker, and she said that the coalition works to reduce abuse of alcohol and illicit drugs, underage substance use, and more in Monroe County.

Loveland began the presentation by offering Michigan’s history with legal marijuana, starting with the state’s legalization of medical marijuana sales in 2008.

According to data provided by Loveland, average THC levels in marijuana increased dramatically over time, meaning that the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana has been more prevalent, thereby making the substance more potent.

Loveland also noted that the process to get a medical marijuana card is very easy for Michigan residents. She also offered a list of debilitating conditions that warrant medical marijuana card. Most cases cited were “severe and chronic pain.” Loveland said the original intent of the state passing medical marijuana use was to help cancer patients.

However, according to her data, less than 5% of cardholders were using THC products to relieve cancer symptoms, as of 2017. Loveland also described the different strains of marijuana – indica and sativa – as well as their intended effects on the user.

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Considering Cannabis for Migraine Pain? Here’s What You Need to Know

There’s reason to think cannabis is a useful treatment option for some people with migraine, but its effects vary from person to person.

From triptans to the new calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) inhibitors, there are more and more evidence-based treatments for migraine, a leading cause of disability worldwide.

But migraine treatment is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, and even with the availability of newer, more targeted drugs, as many as 60 percent of people fail to find adequate or consistent relief, according to a report published by Neurology Today in 2020. 

No wonder interest in complementary herbal and plant-based therapies, including medical cannabis, is growing. 

Nancy Thompson, a 55-year-old Canadian citizen, is one of those people seeking alternatives. Thompson has had migraine attacks since she was a teenager, and once they became frequent (occurring six to seven times weekly), her general practitioner sent her to a neurologist, who prescribed a variety of treatment strategies.

“We tried a bunch of different things, including an anti-seizure medication and Botox, and for me, they just weren’t doing much of anything. The Botox we considered a success because I would go one day a week without a migraine,” she says.

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Wood County passes age restriction on Delta-8 THC

WOOD COUNTY - The Wood County Board of Supervisors has passed an ordinance that requires people to show proof of age 21 to purchase intoxicating hemp products, such as delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), in Wood County.

The ordinance went into effect Aug. 23. It also limits the proximity in which these products can be sold near youth-serving organizations and other youth-friendly locations.

“We wanted the focus of this ordinance to be on youth substance use prevention,” stated Jacob Wagner, Wood County Health Department.

Marijuana and hemp are both cannabis plants, but industrial hemp contains 0.3% or less of the psychoactive compound, THC, and marijuana has higher levels of THC. Following the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill which legalized industrial hemp nationwide, a loophole was created that made any other intoxicating chemicals in the cannabis plant legal, except for no more than 0.3% delta-9 THC.

“Delta-8 THC is said to be less potent than delta-9 THC,” Wagner shared, “but products sold in this area are chemically formulated concentrates that cause very similar effects to delta-9 because of their potency.”

In spring 2022, Healthy People Wood County’s substance use prevention team, IMPACT, conducted a community scan of delta-8 THC.

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Yes, CBD is Psychoactive — Here’s Why

While all intoxicating and euphoric chemicals are psychoactive, not all psychoactive chemicals are intoxicating or euphoric.

In the cannabis space, the words psychoactive, intoxicating, and euphoric are often used interchangeably. Going by that, it’s common to hear the statement that “unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive.” But is this really true? To answer this question, it is important to first understand what the word psychoactive means.

A psychoactive substance is a chemical that crosses the blood-brain barrier and hence gets into the brain and affects it in some way. Examples of psychoactive substances include caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, some analgesics, and marijuana among others.

As you can see, caffeine is psychoactive even though it doesn’t give consumers that “high feeling.”

Is CBD Psychoactive?

Yes, CBD is psychoactive because it crosses the blood-brain barrier. The calming effects caused by CBD happen in the brain. If CBD was non-psychoactive, then it would not be able to offer anxiety relief and other higher-center benefits. In the same way, caffeine will increase alertness without causing intoxication.

Is CBD Intoxicating?

No, CBD is not intoxicating and neither does it cause euphoria.  An intoxicating compound will cause changes in one’s mental state and cause one to lose control of their thought process or behavior. A good example is how alcohol affects mental ability and behavior.

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This is why People continue to Smoke more Weed than Cigarettes

Marijuana seems to only be growing in popularity as it finds its way legally into more and more states. Here’s why people are ditching cigarettes.

It appears as though the days of the Marlboro Man are numbered as the rise of the cannabis smoker has begun to eclipse big tobacco. A recent Gallup poll and its data show that there are more marijuana smokers in the United States than cigarette smokers. Times, they are a changin’.

This dramatic yet consistent drop in cigarette smokers over time, combined with a slow and steady increase in marijuana users, has brought the country to a very interesting crossroads. Tobacco, a product that is legal in every state, is less popular and generally regarded as harmful. Meanwhile, marijuana smokers are growing in number, and more people are viewing it as a beneficial substance.. 

Most interesting is that the “Harmful” drug (tobacco) is legal and the popular drug (marijuana) is still illegal on a federal level. How is it that marijuana has surpassed tobacco in popularity while there is still a federal prohibition against it?

People Are Quitting

One of the main reasons marijuana smokers have surpassed cigarette smokers is more smokers are quitting, and fewer are starting up. According to the CDC, the percentage of people who were considered “current smokers” went from 20.9% in 2005 down to 12.5% in 2020.

Gallup found that now only 11% of adults report they are smokers. The poll also stated that about 3 and 10 of the nonsmokers they surveyed used to be smokers. That’s a 30% decrease in smokers right there, suggesting that quitting is the new smoking. 

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Mum to help educate Scottish doctors on ‘life-changing’ Medical Cannabis

Lisa Quarrell will join expert medical cannabis clinicians at an educational event in Edinburgh this month.

Scottish mother and medical cannabis campaigner, Lisa Quarrell, will share her insights into the ‘life-changing’ treatment with clinicians later this month.

The East Kilbride campaigner will join expert medical cannabis clinicians in Edinburgh on 13 September, at an educational event hosted by the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society (MCCS).

Clinicians and patients from across Scotland are invited to attend ‘Medical Cannabis: Everything You Need to Know – a practical introduction to medical cannabis and CBD‘, which aims to raise awareness and improve understanding of cannabis medicines among the medical profession.

Lisa Quarrell, mum of Cole Thompson who lives with severe epilepsy, has been campaigning for NHS access to medical cannabis for a number of years, after seeing the effect it had on her son. 

Cole has had a private prescription for Bedrolite oil since 2019, but Lisa struggles to cover the monthly fee of £1,300.

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7 Best Marijuana strains for overall Good Health and disease prevention

While there’s no strain that will specifically boost your immune system, you can use these strains to lower stress levels that will then strengthen your immunity.

The ongoing pandemic awoke an important discussion that people haven’t had for a while; how to boost the immune system. People are popping vitamins and eating citrus fruits in a bid to protect themselves from the virus, while some folks have been looking into marijuana as well.

But are there strains that protect against the virus or a prevention treatment that people can look into? We take a dive into what we already know and have.

Does Cannabis Work for Colds and Viruses?

First, one’s immune system would have to be compromised for them to get the virus, which then lets us know what we need to guard. While eating foods rich in vitamin C is great, people also need to manage their stress levels so as not to weaken the immune system. Cannabis helps lower stress, which in turn helps strengthen the system. If you can help it, don’t overthink the pandemic or the virus. Instead, focus on getting through one day at a time.

Second, it helps to be cautious when smoking during these times. You would be putting yourself and others at risk if you passed a joint around, even if the people you are smoking with are known to you personally. The best way to combat this virus is to eat right, observe personal hygiene, lower stress levels through cannabis if you are a user, and mask up as has been recommended. It would also do no harm to try the best cannabis strain for pain if you have inflammation or general fatigue. While it will not protect you from the virus, it will give you relief from pain.

While marijuana is known to treat conditions such as epilepsy and cancer, you don’t just get to pick up any strain and hope for the best. It is recommended that you see a doctor who will administer the right one for your condition as well as the required dosage.

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Thai Medical Organisations ask Government to rethink Cannabis Legalisation

The Medical Council of Thailand, along with 16 other medical organisations and royal colleges, have signed a petition seeking to limit the use of cannabis to medical purposes and firmly opposing its use for recreational purposes.

They claim that the current policies, which do not consider cannabis to be a dangerous or illegal drug and allow people to grow and use cannabis for treatment by themselves, are causing problems which will lead to negative consequences in the near future.

Therefore, they have offered five suggestions on the use of cannabis and its extracts for medical treatment, which are:

The use of cannabis for medical treatment must be based on empirical evidenceCannabis must be of high quality and must be used under Thailand’s Drugs Act, to protect patients who are being treated with such plants. Any cannabis or its extracts used for treatment must not contain any contaminants.Doctors and pharmacists must be trained on how to use cannabis and its extractsAll patients must be screened and evaluated before, during and after treatment with cannabis.Government authorities, such as the Thai Food and Drug Administration, should also regulate the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

They also reiterate that the use of cannabis strictly for medical purposes is for the benefit of all parties, oppose the use of cannabis for recreational purposes and seek the strict reinforcement of the cannabis-related policies to prevent the use of cannabis for recreational purposes.

Thailand decriminalised the use of cannabis and hemp on June 9th this year, which has led to a boom in cultivation, sales and use. Regulations have been issued to ban the smoking of cannabis in public, to bar the substances from schools and sales to people aged under 20 and pregnant or breastfeeding women. Recreational use is popular, despite the authorities discouraging it.

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Medical Cannabis alleviates Neurological & Pain-Related ailments, new study shows

Of the 808 study respondents, 77% reported positive effects — with 28% citing reduced pain, 18% noting improved sleep, and 22% experiencing reduced anxiety. (Benzinga)

An online study conducted by Realm of Caring, a cannabis nonprofit advocacy organization, and researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that “medical cannabis consumption can improve the quality of life for those who could not find reprieve from traditional methods.”

Study results, published in Frontiers in Pharmacology, showed that medical cannabis helped mitigate various neurological disorders and pain-related ailments that were impacting participants.

“Realm of Caring takes part in IRB-approved (Institutional Review Board) research to ensure we are truly helping individuals to improve their quality of life,” said Sasha Kalcheff-Korn, executive director for Realm of Caring.

Method: Study participants who consumed medicinal cannabis were invited to complete anonymous surveys to provide feedback about their experiences. “Of the 808 study respondents, 77% reported positive effects — with 28% citing reduced pain, 18% noting improved sleep, and 22% experiencing reduced anxiety.

“This research spotlights several concerns that we actively address, such as providing information to the medical community, partnering with quality product companies for more affordable options, and providing free one-on-one support to alleviate unwanted side effects. Realm of Caring will continue to collect and publish data to ensure we fulfill our mission,” Kalcheff-Korn added.

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Children step up to raise funds for Medical Cannabis Prescriptions

Two children, who have seen ‘life-transforming’ results from medical cannabis, will walk four miles to help raise money for private prescriptions.

Murray Gray, age 10, and Ben Griffiths age 13, who both have severe, treatment-resistant epilepsy, will walk the distance of Morecambe Bay, in Lancashire this October, to raise funds for medical cannabis charity Intractable Epilepsy.

Both Ben and Murray have seen life-changing results since being prescribed cannabis privately.

But many families are struggling to fund the costs of the medication, which in some cases can cost more than £1,000 a month.

The boys’ mothers, Karen Gray and Joanne Griffiths, have been prominent campaigners for NHS access, since medical cannabis was legalised almost four years ago in November 2018. 

Since then only three prescriptions have been issued through the health service, while around 90 children are accessing cannabis privately in the UK.

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Indica or Sativa: which is Best to treat Anxiety?

A growing body of research evidence shows that marijuana can reduce anxiety symptoms, including separation and social anxiety.

According to the American Psychological Association, anxiety is a major depressive disorder or mental health issue characterized by fear, worried thoughts, and tension. It also causes physical changes, such as increased heartbeat, shaking, trembling, panic attacks, and high blood pressure.

Although each person has different symptoms related to anxiety, the typical signs and symptoms of anxiety disorder are restlessness, emotional distress, feelings of worry, concentration problems, increased irritability, sleep apnea, insomnia, panic disorder, social phobia, behavioral change, mood disorders, etc.

Causes of Anxiety

Causes of anxiety vary from person to person. Many people have a single symptom that causes distress, while some have multiple symptoms. However, the most common causes of anxiety include:

Environmental triggers or external stimuli, such as relationship problems, family issues, financial difficulties, or challenges in maintaining a better work-life balance, can cause anxiety.Studies show that genetics can also cause anxiety. For example, if your father, mother, or grandparents had anxiety, the chances are that you may suffer from the condition.Major depressive disorders such as stress and depression, can increase anxiety levels. Although medications like antidepressants, narcotics, and chronic pain relievers can ease tension, some people have side effects after prolonged use.

While antidepressants are a good option for anxiety, they may also elevate the condition. In addition, hormonal changes during pregnancy, neurological disorders, neuropathic pain, neck and back pain, and chemical imbalances in the brain that increase cortisol production can also cause anxiety.

The Endocannabinoid System

Understanding the endocannabinoid system is essential before using cannabis indica or Sativa strains for anxiety and other depressive disorders. The endocannabinoid system encompasses three critical components: 1). Endocannabinoids, 2). Receptors 3). Enzymes.

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Is there a lethal dose of Cannabis?

There is no lethal dose of marijuana, however, marijuana can contribute to deaths when consumed irresponsibly and/or there is an underlying health condition.

To “die” from a drug, one must overdose, which has never been observed with cannabis. Weed contains no chemical that has been shown to cause people to overdose and die.

So the answer to the question “Can you die from weed?” is definitive: “No, you can’t die from a weed-induced overdose.” However, weed can contribute to death due to:

IntoxicationAn underlying health condition such as a heart condition

Cannabis has been a contributing factor in fatal car accidents. Research has found that from “2000 to 2018 the percentage of crash deaths involving cannabis increased from 9 percent to 21.5 percent.” 

When a person consumes cannabis, chooses to drive, gets in a car accident, and dies, the cause of death is driving while under the influence. Cannabis is a contributing factor, but the individual’s choice to unsafely drive a car after consuming cannabis is the cause of death.

Persons with underlying cardiac conditions must be mindful not to consume substances that can increase their heart rate (such as caffeine or cannabis). Research has found that for people with certain heart conditions, cannabis consumption can increase the chances of having a heart attack by around 4.8 times. When you have any health condition it is important to speak with your doctor about what you consume.

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What works best with your Workout: Edibles, Tinctures, Vapes or Flower?

Believe it or not, smoking is currently the most common method of use for those who incorporate weed into their workouts. Here’s why it may not be right for you.

Infusing marijuana into workout routines is not a new concept, but it certainly is growing in popularity. In fact, a recent study from the University of Colorado, Boulder surveyed cannabis users in legal states and found that 81.7% of participants endorsed using marijuana at the same time as exercising. Clearly marijuana has started to find its footing among the fitness community, at least among those who enjoy both fitness and cannabis.

With more states legalizing recreational weed this trend is only likely to grow more and slowly find its way into the mainstream. While the science is inconclusive about whether you perform much better or worse while under the influence of a bit of THC, it isn’t stopping people from trying it out. But when you decide to add some THC into your fitness regimen, what is the best way to consume it for the best experience?

Smoking Wins the Popular Vote

When you think about the best habit to help your workout, inhaling smoke is probably at the bottom of the list. Still, believe it or not, it is currently the most common method of use for those who incorporate weed into their workouts. At least that is what the results of a recent FitRated study suggest.

The majority of participants in the study (61.1%) opted for a smoking method, with the most popular choice among those methods being a pipe (25.3%). This is compared with 14.3% of participants opting for vaping, 11.8% popping edibles, and only 3.7% went with tinctures.

If you just went by these numbers and what is most popular among those already getting high and exercising, smoking would be the clear winner. Keep in mind there are many factors involved. Flower is often much easier to come by than edibles, vape cartridges and tinctures.

While all the participants in the study enjoyed cannabis, they may not all have had the same access to diverse dispensary offerings. Still, if you were wary about smoking a little weed before working out, perhaps these numbers will put you at ease.

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Best CBD Gummies 2022: Top 5 CBD brands selling Hemp edibles for Pain & Inflammation

If you are familiar with hemp products, you are undoubtedly familiar with the benefits offered by CBD. This cannabinoid is popular with cannabis customers for its positive properties that may reduce pain, anxiety and relax you. 

You can now get all these benefits simply through CBD gummies. So stay with us as we introduce you to the best CBD gummies on the market, a popular hemp product that is a favorite among both beginners and traditional users of hemp products.

5 Best CBD Gummies Of 2022

Exhale Wellness – Overall Best CBD Gummies On The Market, Editor’s PickBudPop – Strongest CBD +Ashwagandha Gummies For Sale Hollyweed – Most Potent Cannabis Gummies For Entourage EffectCheef Botanicals – Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Edibles and Chewables Fab CBD – Popular Online CBD Brand For Gummy Edibles

1. Exhale Wellness -Overall Best CBD Gummies On The Market, Editor’s Pick

Brand overview

After noticing that the hemp market lacked quality and consistency, Exhale Wellness decided to take action. Founded in Commerce, California, this brand recognized the positive benefits that hemp offers and decided to bring those benefits to its customers. 

In this regard, this brand collaborates with local hemp farmers who organically treat the hemp. Therefore, this hemp does not contain pesticides, artificial chemicals, and other inorganic ingredients. 

In addition, Exhale Wellness takes care of the entire production process, which is strictly controlled and adheres to the legal regulations regarding the production and composition of hemp products. Their dedicated work has created quality products that are naturally based and do not contain artificial additives, sweeteners, or colors. 

Their offer includes products with different potencies, such as vapes, pre-rolls, capsules, gummies, oil, flowers, and cigarettes. In addition, this brand pays attention to its products’ quality and natural characteristics. 

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Study finds Cannabis Consumers experienced less severe COVID-19 Symptoms

A study that analyzed the hospital patient records of cannabis consumers with COVID-19 reveals new evidence to show that consumers had improved clinical outcomes.

The Journal of Cannabis Research published a new study recently that claims that cannabis can help lessen COVID-19 symptoms. The study, “Cannabis consumption is associated with lower COVID-19 severity among hospitalized patients: a retrospective cohort analysis,” used data collected from two Los Angeles hospitals: Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center. A retrospective analysis found decreased severity of symptoms and improve clinical outcomes in relation to COVID-19 patients.

Researchers explained the importance of studying the relationship between cannabis and COVID-19. “In the USA in 2020, an estimated 17.9% of the population (49.6 million people) used cannabis during the past year,” researchers wrote. “Given the magnitude of COVID-19 and the prevalence of cannabis use in the USA, it is important to evaluate how active cannabis usage may affect clinical outcomes in COVID-19 patients.”

Among the 1,831 patients whose cases were analyzed, all were 18 or older. Age among cannabis active consumers was a noteworthy consideration, due to the severity of symptoms experienced differently between young or old patients. “Consistent with known trends, active cannabis users were overall younger than non-users,” researchers wrote. “However, when adjusting for age these outcomes remained consistent. Even more, when adjusting for comorbid conditions, demographics and smoking history we found that cannabis users still had less severe disease progression compared to non-users.”

Cannabis’s unique properties warranted further examination from researchers. “Consistent with our understanding of how cannabis may play a role as an immunomodulator, non-cannabis users were found to have greater elevations in inflammatory biomarkers at the time of admission and during their hospital course,” researchers wrote in their discussion. According to the National Cancer Institute, an immunomodulatory agent is known to suppress the immune system, and assist the body in fighting cancer, infection, and other diseases.

Ultimately, researchers found that cannabis consumption was beneficial for some patients, but more research would be necessary to support that conclusion. “In this retrospective review of 1831 COVID-19 patients requiring hospital admission, current cannabis use was associated with decreased disease severity. This was demonstrated in lower NIH severity scores as well as less need for oxygen supplementation, ICU admission and mechanical ventilation,” they wrote. “While there was a trend toward improved survival in cannabis users, this was not statistically significant. To our knowledge, this is the first study looking at clinical outcomes of cannabis users hospitalized with COVID-19. Further studies, including prospective analyses, will help to better understand the relationship between cannabis and COVID-19 outcomes.”

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Cannabis grow Proposal heads back to Planning Commission

In a business matter that’s highlighted a tussle between Planning Commissioners and County of Santa Cruz staff, the Commission has been handed a second chance to properly deny a cannabis cultivation operation proposal in Upper Zayante.

Local residents are trying to stop it, arguing it will use too much water and cause other problems—like increased police presence and rats.

On Tuesday, after staff reported the Commission hadn’t acted properly, the Board of Supervisors considered granting the applicant a new hearing by taking jurisdiction.

In his presentation to the board, County Resource Planner Michael Sapunor noted after public hearings in December and March, the zoning administrator gave the go-ahead for a marijuana farm with 20,000 square feet of canopy at 375 Old Mount Road.

Sapunor said the business would have to follow conditions in an archaeological report, use temporary shade house covers on the buildings and install hedges. They’d also have to secure a cannabis business license, he added.

But after hearing testimony from residents who worried about a variety of factors—chief among them water scarcity—the Planning Commission denied the project 4-1.

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Georgia Medical Marijuana Production at a Standstill

"Still no indication at this point that we're gonna have the licenses issued and granted anytime in the near future, unfortunately," says Allen Peake

MILLEDGEVILLE - This time last year, there were hopes that medical cannabis production and distribution offices would be opening in several spots in Central Georgia and around the state, like the one on Central State Hospital grounds in Milledgeville. 

Since then, complaints about the selection process and legal threats to the state threw off the whole schedule.

13WMAZ’s Jessica Cha explains where we stand now. "We're obviously disappointed that this delay is costing jobs and earnings not made this year,” says Walter Reynolds, interim executive director of the Central State Hospital Redevelopment Authority. 

Reynolds says they sold a 100,000 square foot building on their property. The licensees for a new medical cannabis processing plant planned to set up there, bringing over 100 jobs. 

Now, they're in limbo. "Say that licenses were approved tomorrow. I estimate that it would probably take no less than six to eight months to turn around the facility and make it ready for production,” Reynolds explains. He says it's just a waiting game now.

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Florida sets Medical Marijuana dosage, supply limits

TALLAHASSEE - Florida health officials have released a highly anticipated rule setting THC dosage amounts and supply limits on products doctors can order for medical-marijuana patients.

The emergency rule sets a 70-day total supply limit of 24,500 mg of THC for non-smokable marijuana and establishes dosage caps for different routes of administration such as edibles, inhalation and tinctures.

The rule, which was sent to patients and doctors on Friday and went into effect Monday, also carries out a state law that imposed a 2.5-ounce limit on smokable marijuana purchases over a 35-day period. While the rule lays out limits for THC in non-smokable products, the limit for whole flower and other products that can be smoked are based on weight. They are not based on levels of THC, the euphoria-inducing component in marijuana.

And the emergency rule creates a process for doctors to seek an override for patients they believe need to exceed the limits. The rule does not identify a way for patients or doctors to appeal if the requests are denied.

The dosing and supply caps came nearly six years after Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment broadly legalizing medical marijuana and more than three years after the Legislature, at the behest of Gov. Ron DeSantis, authorized smokable marijuana.

In setting up the framework for the medical-marijuana program, lawmakers gave the Department of Health the power to use emergency rules to craft regulations. Emergency rules can be published without taking public input, as is required for non-emergency regulations. The use of the emergency rule is "kind of the burr in my bonnet" about the dosage and supply caps, Pensacola doctor Michelle Beasley told The News Service of Florida on Monday.

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Can You Freeze Weed?

When properly stored in a freezer, the degradation process of cannabis almost stops entirely. However, there are some things you should know before you do this.

When cannabis is dried and cured, its potency is at its highest. Over time weed loses its potency, especially if exposed to light and heat. Many different methods have been developed to keep the potency of cannabis from degrading. One of these methods is storing weed in the freezer.

If you buy bulk cannabis and/or harvest a healthy supply of homegrown cannabis you might find yourself looking for ways to maintain its potency. Freezing weed may be an option for you.

What happens if you put weed in the freezer?

When you put weed in the freezer, you stop the degradation process — the process by which cannabis loses its potency. A 1999 study by researchers at the University of Mississippi found that the THC in cannabis depletes by an average of 1/6th within the first year. They found that after:

One year, cannabis’ potency reduces by 16.6%Two years, cannabis’ potency reduces by 26.8Three years, cannabis’ potency reduces by 34.5%Four years, cannabis’ potency reduces by 41.4%

Does putting weed in the freezer preserve it?

Putting weed in the freezer does preserve it. When properly stored in a freezer, the degradation process of cannabis almost stops entirely.

This is good news for anyone looking to store their weed for long periods of time without worrying about its potency. However, there are some things you should know before you put your weed in the freezer.

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