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Marijuana Legalization In Europe: Is France Next? – Cannabis News

Image of hand and marijuana bud

Medical Marijuana policies for Schools in the Works

Image of a cup of Jane's Brew tea
As pot laws liberalize, cannabis capitalists eye opportunities for business—and to upend stereotypes. But can white-collar workers handle it, man?
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Office of Cannabis Policy hosts town-hall Discussion on Industry

Scene at the Bay Area Get Baked Sale - Melia Robinson/Business Insider
Edibles could emerge as a multimillion-dollar food industry in the northwestern U.S. in the next few years
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Marijuana vs. Hemp: What's the Difference? – Cannabis News

image of an indoor grow operation

Kentucky senator backs legalizing marijuana to fund state's pensions crisis - Cannabis News

Image of Donny Didion of Apex Critical
JOHNSTOWN, Ohio -- Andy Joseph didn't seek the marijuana industry -- it found him.
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What Is The Best Time Of Day To Get High?

Image of a Colorado hemp green house
The hype over hemp that erupted last year during Colorado's first sensational flirtations with the marijuana look-alike is now starting to live up to expectations. 
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Filmmaking Couple Touches on Medical Marijuana's Social Stigma - Cannabis News

Image of Andrew DeAngelo of Harborside Health Center holding $9,000 worth of medicinal marijuana
Inside a cannabis shop's emerging business model
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DEA Will Begin Granting Marijuana Cultivation Licenses

Image of marijuana plants
Colorado’s effort to tax marijuana as a means to help the state budget never materialized, at least financially, slowing expansion of industries supported by the drug. As attempts to approve marijuana’s use in other states and cities falters, these industries face unexpected road blocks.
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Federal raids cool tribal excitement over potential marijuana profits – Marijuana News

Image of a marijuana flag
This weekend, Alaska saw its first-ever job fair for careers in commercial cannabis, offering a glimpse of how the semi-legal marijuana industry is taking tentative steps towards professionalism and profits.
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U.S. hemp production doubles in 2017, Colorado grows twice as much as anyone - Cannabis News

Image of industrial hemp being harvested
CARSON CITY, NV — Lawmakers in Nevada have unanimously passed a bill to authorize hemp cultivation, sending the bill to Republican Governor Brian Sandoval for final approval.
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The Marijuana Evolution Of Senator Orrin Hatch - Cannabis News

Image of medical marijuana in child proof containers.
More than 2,000 people descended on the Hilton Chicago in the South Loop for the three-day Marijuana Business Conference and Expo.
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Who works in the cannabis industry? A new trade association ad campaign shows its employees – Cannabis News

Image of a chart showing Colorado Recreational Marijuana Sales
DENVER -- It turns out selling weed is pretty hard. Contrary to popular belief, selling it legally, at least, isn’t all THC-infused lollipops and rainbows. Just ask David Schwartz.
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Marijuana K-cups and coffee pods are here

Sara Davidson ~ The New Yorker ~
It was the first day of the first Marijuana Investor Summit, in Denver...
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Medical marijuana can now be used to treat opioid addiction in N.J. - Cannabis News

Image of Legal Marijuana plants available for sale
The U.S. government has opened a new line of business for America’s biggest banks, and for once they don’t want it. Little wonder: it’s cash from legalized marijuana.
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Cannabis expo in NYC showcases booming marijuana business – Cannabis News

Image of legal, taxable marijuana
Should marijuana businesses pay tax on gross profits or net profits?
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Why Marijuana Stock IIPR Popped 13% in July and Is Up 6% in August So Far

Image of Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Privateer Holding a Cannabis Investor Group
IF YOU LIKE puns, then you’ll love the American pot industry.
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Brain's THC Equivalent Can Quell Seizures But There's A Catch

Image of a legal marijuana grow
DENVER — Money was pouring into Bruce Nassau’s five Colorado marijuana shops when his accountant called with the bad news 
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With recreational marijuana legalized in many states, companies rethinking drug testing policies

Image of Washington March 2015 marijuana sales
The numbers are in for Washington State’s recreational marijuana sales for April 2015.
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Cannabis Changes the Game of Real Estate – Marijuana News

Image of Brian Kennedy of Privateer Investments
The End of Cannabis Prohibition
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Why You Should Invest in Pot Stocks in 2021

Image of Legal Marijuana
Big marijuana money is in the D.C. area this week.
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