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3 Tricks To Get Edibles To Kick-In Faster

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It can take a while to feel the effects of edibles, but there are a few tricks that can help you get your desired results faster.

It’s a crapshoot with edibles. You never really know if you’ve consumed enough of them, because their effects don’t hit you until you’ve waited at least an hour after you’ve consumed them. This often results in the common scenario of inhaling an entire batch of delicious pot brownies only to spend the remainder of the day rocking yourself back and forth. Unlike other forms of cannabis that get you high within the hour, edibles require patience, timing, and the correct dosage, which is a lot to ask of someone who’s never had experience with them.A lot of people stop themselves from enjoying the perks of infused food products because of the long wait time and their unpredictability. While these challenges are adaptable and manageable, there are some ways of making edibles affect you faster. Here are a few options worth considering.

Fast-Acting Edibles

One of the most interesting developments within the cannabis industry are fast-acting edibles, designed to bypass the wait time. Known as “rapid delivery,” these edibles are being developed by companies who claim that you’ll start feeling their effects within 15 to 20 minutes.In an interview with Forbes back in 2017, Peter Barsoom, founder of cannabis company 1906, explained that his company began to make rapid delivery edibles thinking about people who didn’t have six hours to wait around for their edible to hit, aka, everyone who’s not consuming an edible on a weekend. This new formula allows edibles to “bypass the stomach and get into the small intestine faster,” through a process called proprietary lipid microencapsulation.

Sublingual Edibles

A trick savvy consumers can try is to purchase edibles that melt — like chocolate or mints — and then placing it under their tongue. Instead of waiting for the edible to make its way down the digestive track, this sublingual method allows the THC to be quickly absorbed by the bloodstream, much like a tincture or oil, which are among the quickest way to absorb THC. 

Increase Metabolism  

Tougher to hack, but just as important, is the speed of your metabolism. Although increasing it won’t be possible within a short span of time, over the long run, you can work on speeding up your metabolism by consuming enough calories, drinking water, working out, and getting plenty of sleep, which will also likely result in a healthier body and mind. There’s a lot of perks associated with edibles, not only because you’ll stop ingesting smoke and vapor. Edible highs are strong and can be fun, especially when people learn how to manage them. Still, if you’ve never tried them, don’t be intimidated by the newness of edibles. In order to see for yourself how they work and if they’re the right fit for you, you’ll just have to experiment.

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