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A new survey of state residents likely to vote this fall found that a clear 53% majority of Michiganders would just say yes to legalizing and taxing marijuana.
It's easy to assume that all Republicans - apart from Rand Paul of course - are anti-marijuana legalization.
Within the next couple of weeks, Tampa police will no longer be obligated to drag every person caught with marijuana down to the local precinct.
The late-night circuit has become a powerful space for presidential candidates, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made effective use of it Thursday night.
Now that Marco Rubio is out of the race, for the first time in U.S. political history, every presidential candidate — of both parties — supports at least states' rights to do as they please with regard to marijuana legalization.
Up to a dozen states could be voting on marijuana initiatives come November, but these three states are by far the most important for the industry.
As the rest of the world watches President Barack Obama and Congress play tug-of-war with a U.S. Supreme Court nominee, the marijuana industry is paying close attention to the man at the center.
HARRISBURG — The House on Wednesday approved allowing the medical use of marijuana in Pennsylvania, sending the legislation to the Senate, which has approved medical cannabis bills in the past.
Liberal-leaning Vermont could become the first U.S. state to legalize recreational marijuana use through legislation, rather than by voter initiative, in a move that advocates for the drug say could speed its acceptance across the nation.
HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The Pennsylvania House of Representatives is scheduled to take up a bill to legalize medical marijuana. The bill has been stalled in the House since it overwhelmingly passed the Senate last May.
Medical marijuana supporters are pushing back on new restrictions to the program at a time when providers are closing down.
As the candidates for president tour the country seeking their respective party's nomination, they continue to face questions about marijuana legalization.
PORTLAND, Maine — Supporters of an effort to legalize and regulate marijuana like alcohol in Maine say they plan to sue Maine's secretary of state.
There are increasing signs that 2016 might just be the year the largest state in the nation legalizes recreational marijuana.
These “medical refugees”, families who relocated to Colorado for legal medical marijuana treatment, have helped to change cannabis laws in at least 19 states.
Notorious for its strict marijuana laws, Louisiana is looking at legalized weed as a way to get out of debt. What will happen to its prisoners?