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Businesses envision a boom in CBD, the non-intoxicating oil from hemp - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
Lisa Riley Roche ~ KSL.Com ~   SALT LAKE CITY — Gov. Gary Herbert said Thursday he's open to legalizing marijuana in Utah for medical use.
Wiz Khalifa credits Cannabis for helping with his body transformation
Cannabis News
Kurtis Lee ~ LA Times ~   New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's response in a recent radio interview to a question about legal marijuana was in keeping with his tough-on-crime persona.
MjLink.com Cannabis Business Network Launches New Mobile App
World News
Matt Ferner ~ Huffington Post ~   Here are the positions that each of the GOP's many 2016 presidential hopefuls -- from the definitely-running to the definitely-maybes -- has taken on marijuana legalization.
Why Tobacco Prices are rising in the U.S. while those for weed are dropping — and what that Means for Consumers
Gillian Graham ~ Portland Press Herald ~   Five state legislatures are working on legalization bills, and two states could put the question to voters.
Seth Rogen’s Houseplant brand is leaving Canada and it’s our own damn fault
World News
Matt Ferner ~ Huffington Post ~   In a letter sent Friday, lawmakers are urging President Barack Obama to select a more progressive head of the DEA, following the embattled current chief will resign in May.
Puff, puff, buzz: survey says cannabis branding will be more important as consumer expectations rise - Cannabis News
Business & Finance
Matt Ferner & Elise Foley ~ Huffington Post ~   WASHINGTON -- Multiple members of Congress suggested Wednesday that the misguided policies of the drug war have played a central role in brewing tensions between police and residents in Baltimore that exploded into chaos after the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray.
Is Austria set to legalise cannabis use?
Gilliam Graham ~ Portland Press Herald ~   But Maine hospitals say they face federal penalties if they allow patients, including children, to use nonsmokable forms of medical marijuana prescribed by their doctors.
5 Mistakes To Avoid When Making Gummies
Cannabis News
Larry Meyer ~ The Argus Observer ~   ONTARIO — Marijuana took up most of the discussion on the April 23rd Legislative Hotline, with state Sen. Ted Ferrioli expressing frustration with the slow pace of rule-making.
Cannabis Companies may soon face product liability risks
Margaret Talev ~ Bloomberg ~   Late in his term (and on the eve of a visit to Jamaica), the former Choom Ganger finally seems to be softening toward his old friend.