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One way to reduce opioid overdose death rates in American communities may be to expand legal access to another, less lethal drug. A study published in January 2021 in the BMJ suggests that U.S. counties that have more cannabis dispensaries also have lower opioid-related deaths.  The study focused on 812 counties in 23 U.S. states and the District o
A study observing the impact of medical cannabis on prescribed opioid usage in chronic pain patients has revealed interesting results. The US opioid epidemic claimed 47,600 lives in 2017 and it’s estimated 10.3 million people were misusing opioids in 2018 – a staggering 3.7% of the US population. It’s thought medical cannabis may be able to help ad
A pilot study being conducted at the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine is investigating a controversial topic – how cannabis, medicinal or recreational, is used, accessed and how it may benefit individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. Whilst recreational cannabis remains illegal in Australia, much of the research and thus the path to legalisat
If you’re not currently receiving any treatment for insomnia, or if your current treatment isn’t enhancing the duration and quality of your sleep, you may want to give cannabis a try. Ask any CBD or THC supplier and one of the main referrals for their product is sleep disorders. Known to be a natural sleep aid, cannabis and CBD oil has been proven
The cannabis plant has been used by humans for medical and health purposes for many centuries. In the grand scheme of things, cannabis prohibition is a relatively new phenomenon. Sadly, cannabis prohibition has harmed many people over the last century, all over the globe. One sector of society that is particularly harmed by cannabis prohibition is
Canada-headquartered Tilray has announced Portugal’s national healthcare regulator has provided authorisation for the company to sell its medical cannabis products in that country. Legislation was signed into law in 2018 to allow for medicinal use of cannabis in Portugal, which was to be acquired through pharmacies. But according to Tilray the auth
A proposal to allow medical marijuana in Alabama was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning. Senate Bill 46, called the Compassion Act, was proposed by Republican State Sen. Tim Melson of Florence. It passed by a vote of 8-3. The bill will now go to the senate floor. The proposal calls for establishing an 11-member Alabama
Marijuana use among older adults may not have a major effect on cognitive function. That is the takeaway of a new review published late last year in Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology. Reviewing a combination of both human and animal trials, the researchers examined the studies “to critically examine the extent of literature on this topic and hig
Cannabis is legal in some form in 34 U.S. states, with five more pending legalization. Of those states, most have legalized all forms of cannabis for medicinal purposes, though a handful have only legalized CBD oil. Despite increased legalization, there remains a major void in the medical cannabis market: health insurance.  The reason major health
Yesterday marked a big regulatory step forward in Australia for the availability of cannabidiol without a prescription, but where can you buy it? Find out what’s happening. In December last year, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) published its final decision on down-scheduling certain CBD preparations to Pharmacist Only Medicines (
There have been a number of studies surrounding immunity, the flu and how the body responds to infection. These studies have also looked at how CBD and other cannabinoids could impact that response. Could CBD help people to feel better more naturally and possibly not feel as sick when they get sick. Cannabinoids Suppress the Production of Cytokines
31 companies are now permitted to start selling medicinal marijuana in West Virginia. Something that advocates believe will help with our opioid problem here. “We know that bringing a quality product and quality system decreases death related to opioid overdose,” said Dr. A. WIlliam Kedia, an Ohio physician who is also president of Terrasana; a dis
After years of delay, Mexican authorities have finally released the rules that will regulate the production, distribution, and use of medical cannabis in the country. Back in 2017, former Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, legalized the limited use of the substance for therapeutic purposes, but the legislation has since been in limbo as there w
Type I diabetes can be an inherited disease. But Type 2 diabetes is a preventable chronic disease, with lifestyle changes including balanced nutrition and physical activity. In tandem with America’s growing obesity rate, the prevalence of diabetes diagnoses increases at an astounding rate. The 2020 National Diabetes Statistics Report from the Cente
Weed can be a great tool for clearing your mind and slowing down the world. This is why it's so good for people who like to smoke before studying. Though getting high before doing anything productive can be overwhelming and distracting for some, for others, cannabis is the first step before sitting in one spot for hours — all while giving the mind
Access to legal cannabis stores was linked with fewer opioid deaths in the U.S., a new analysis suggested. The number of marijuana dispensaries in a county was negatively related to log-transformed opioid mortality rate, adjusted for age (β -0.17, 95% CI -0.23 to -0.11), reported Balázs Kovács, PhD, of Yale University School of Management in New Ha