Medical and recreational marijuana programs have been enabled across the U.S. But is it okay to you use your medical marijuana card in other states? The culture surrounding cannabis is changing fast. As more and more states legalize the recreational and medical use of the plant, what was accepted a year ago might now be totally different in your st
Why more education and research is needed to get the medical community on board. Barely a quarter of cannabis users trust their doctor to provide them with reliable information about medical cannabis and how to use it to treat their medical or health conditions, according to a recent survey.  Carried out in May and April, the survey polled 167 cann
An Australian university has started a clinical trial investigating if an over-the-counter cannabidiol (CBD) product can assist with sleep disturbances. Since February this year, certain cannabidiol products can be sold over-the-counter in Australia without a prescription by pharmacists. But given the stringent criteria associated with a Schedule 3
A guy who hurts his back working in a warehouse in Cleveland can get a prescription and use medical marijuana to manage the pain. A guy who hurts his back playing for the Cleveland Browns can't. During his acceptance speech this past summer at the NFL Pro Football Hall-of-Fame induction ceremony, former Detroit Lions’ star Calvin Johnson explained 
There is no better place in Florida to hold a Sacred Mushroom Summit than Gainesville. The city gave rise to the famed Gainesville Green marijuana strain. People gladly squished through pastures mined with cow patties in search of mind-altering fungi. Joints were regularly smoked at college football games. And ecstasy-fueled raves at Simon's downto
  Cannabinoids overall are likely to be helpful for headache sufferers due to their ability to penetrate the part of the brain involved in migraine pathophysiology. Did you know that 23 million Americans suffer from severe migraine headaches, and 25% have four or more episodes per month? In fact, this epidemic costs businesses between 1.2 billion t
A South Dakota legislative subcommittee recommended on Wednesday that the state’s medical marijuana regulations prohibit the home cultivation by patients. A recommendation from the South Dakota Legislative subcommittee comes from a group of lawmakers working to draft rules to limit provisions of Initiated Measure 26 (IM26), a ballot measure to lega
With all the tech advancements in grow ops, and a valiant attempt to eliminate the stoner stereotype from dispensary storefronts, the American pot market has become a bit bougie. Everyone is ranting and raving these days about medical marijuana. Depending on who you ask, it can prevent, treat and even cure various health conditions from anxiety to
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri opened its first medical marijuana dispensary last October, and now there are more than 140 across the state, with more to come.  The state’s medical cannabis industry also employs roughly 5,000 people. Earlier this summer, Gov. Mike Parson vetoed a bill that would have allowed medical marijuana business owners to ded
Whether you smoke it, vape it or eat it as an edible, cannabis may be significantly increasing your risk of a heart attack. Adults under 45 years old who consumed cannabis within the last 30 days, suffered from nearly double the number of heart attacks than adults who didn't use the drug, according to research published Tuesday in the Canadian Medi
Frustration and confusion are high in the cannabis industry nationally due to how to properly classify and regulate products made by chemically modifying the cannabis plant, including one method that creates a compound known as Delta 8. This compound is promoted as causing a “lesser high” than Delta 9 THC, a compound naturally created when the plan
The flourishing of the medical marijuana (cannabis) industry leaves behind years of a bloody fight against the illegal trafficking of the drug. The war on drugs has been raging for four decades in countries such as Colombia and Mexico, where cocaine production is concentrated. There have been thousands of victims, among them civilians, political le
For the longest time, marijuana was seen as pathological in the eyes of the research community. This was not because researchers believed so, but rather that the vast majority of the grants were given to studies that supported this premise. These days, we’re changing our tune and some scientists and medical researchers are asking for a new standard
There is a not-so-quiet revolution going on in Switzerland at the moment. The country is getting ready for what is likely to be Europe’s most disruptive recreational trial. In the meantime, all sorts of other consequential events are underway. Namely, the government is about to remove the requirement that prescribing cannabis doctors obtain special
In a presentation to be given at the upcoming Cannabis Science Conference East, Scott Churchill, vice president of scientific development at MCR Labs, will reveal how testing labs can help propel our scientific understanding of cannabis by offering services beyond the standard regulatory compliance testing they perform for licensed producers.   Chu
More patients in Texas will soon be eligible for medical marijuana. The changes to state law that take effect Wednesday will allow patients with any cancer to pursue a prescription for low-THC cannabis. Before, that was limited to people with terminal cancer. The amended law also makes eligible patients battling post-traumatic stress disorder or PT