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So, You Want to Be a Hemp Farmer? - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~   The Arizona-based creator of Juicy Rips says his products show how open the legal marijuana industry and its consumers are to innovation.
Hemp milk claims to be the greenest yet – but is it any good?
Cannabis News
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~   Denver’s Fourth Corner Credit Union launched last year as an answer to the legal marijuana industry’s inability to access financial institutions. But the Fed had other plans.
These robots are learning to grow weed. Yes, they’re ‘pot bots.' - Cannabis News
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~    Trained scientist Carter Baird has created a quirky online persona, with the mission of educating the public about cannabis and the legal marijuana industry.
CBD: here’s what science says about its real health benefits
Medical News
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~   Cannabis industry representatives are looking back to 2014’s successes, as they prepare for the 2016 election cycle.
Cannabis Seltzers: Here’s What You Should Know
Cannabis News
Nisa Donnelly ~ WeedWorthy ~   SACRAMENTO, CA -- In a late-night move and after a more than 20-year wait, California’s legislature is finally poised to regulate the state’s multi-billion-dollar medical marijuana industry.
Ireland’s Hemp Farmers Battling Red Tape
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~   Researchers are taking advantage of new federal measures that allow universities to conduct research on industrial hemp.
Your Genes Have A Surprising Impact On How Marijuana Affects You
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~   Some veterans groups are calling on state and federal officials to recognize the benefits of legal marijuana as a treatment for chronic pain and PTSD.
Hollywood Reacts to Recreational Marijuana Being Legalized in California – Cannabis News
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~   While the legal cannabis sector still faces federal obstacles, it nonetheless has to deal with the same challenges that other commercial sectors face; including patent and trademark issues.
Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Delayed by Tracking System Lawsuit
Business & Finance
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~   Texas-based Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition (RAMP) is looking to educate fellow GOP members, as well as the party’s leadership and its grassroots activists.
Is Vaping Cannabis Worse than Vaping Nicotine? Check the Additives
Cannabis News
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~   U.S. Representative Diana DeGette says while cannabis reforms have progressed regionally, the campaign for marijuana legalization has a long way to go.
As medical Marijuana bill passes senate committee, hemp store owner says people want options for pain relief
Medical News
Bruce Kennedy  ~  WeedWorthy ~   Taylor West, Deputy Director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, talks about the changes currently facing the industry as it evolves and grows.