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Rob Waugh ~ Metro.co.uk ~ The first legal marijuana pills have gone on sale in Europe – and are available now via an online store.
Amy Willis ~ Metro.co.uk ~   Perhaps this is why mums really go to Iceland.
Deutsche Welle  ~   Thousands of people took to the streets of Berlin to advocate the legalization of cannabis. The 19th annual "Hanfparade" (hemp parade) has also found support among some politicians.
Sunitha Rao R, ~ Times of India ~   BENGALURU: Marijuana or ganja may be frowned upon as a banned recreational drug, but could offer an effective cure for cancer, say top oncologists of Bengaluru.
Aasma Day ~ Lancashire Evening Post ~ How a 73-year-old in North West England found a way to treat her rheumatoid arthritis.
Patrick Browne ~ thelocal.it ~   Proposals that would largely decriminalize marijuana in Italy currently have the support of 250 MPs – but does that mean Italy will be legalizing the drug any time soon?
Rebecca Puddy ~ The Australian ~ Once believed to be the drug of choice for free-spirited youth, cannabis is more popular with older people than ever before.
James Cusick ~ The Independent ~ Ron Hogg will now only intervene if Durham growers are being 'blatant'.
Stacey Knott ~ Stuff.co.nz ~   Alex Renton sparked a national debate about medicinal cannabis while in a coma, his sister has told the teen's memorial service.
Reuters ~   Chile took a step forward in decriminalizing the use of cannabis on Tuesday after the lower house of Congress approved by a wide margin a bill that seeks to change the law in the South American country.