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Amid Marijuana Legalization Efforts, US Law Schools Offer Pot Courses

Kathleen Caulderwood ~ International Businesss Times ~
HEMPSTEAD, New York -- As 24 second- and third-year law students at Hofstra’s Maurice A. Dean School of Law settled into their seats on a Tuesday evening, laptop screens flickered to life and quickly filled with court documents, news articles, and on more than one computer, the odd image of a marijuana bud or a rolled joint.
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Rhode Island - Most Medical Marijuana Patients Substitute Cannabis for Prescription Drugs

By Paul Armentano |  NORML Deputy Director ~
PROVIDENCE, RI — The majority of qualified patients in Rhode Island who obtain cannabis from a state-licensed dispensary report having used it as an alternative to conventional prescription drugs, according to a demographic review of patient characteristics published in The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs.
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Survey Finds Strong Majority In Support Of Marijuana Legalization And Decriminalization

Matt Ferner ~ Hufington Post
A new national survey of American voters has found a strong majority in support of marijuana legalization and an even larger majority in support of decriminalization of the drug.
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Obama On Marijuana Legalization - Congress Could Reschedule Pot As More States Decriminalize

Philip Ross ~ International Finacial Times ~
U.S. President Barack Obama offered some encouraging words for advocates of marijuana reform: Look for change at the federal level.
Image of air plane made of 75% hemp, will use hemp as bio-fuel

Hemp Plane Running Off Hemp Fuel A Reality Within A Year

Posted By Expanded Consciousness on March 17, 2015 ~
Canadian Derek Kesek is designing what will arguably be the most sustainable plane in the world.
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The Weed Life Network for Cannabis Officially Launches On-line and Already Finds Pent-Up Demand for Its Services

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) March 16, 2015 ~
Founded by a venture capital firm, The Weed Life Network brings together consumers and businesses drawn to the rapidly-growing legal marijuana sector