While the term “pot-head” is typically associated with a person laying on the couch, eating potato-chips and watching TV, marijuana use has unexpectedly taken hold among another group of people: jocks.
Drug use, especially with a drug closely related to smoking, may not seem like a growing trend for those interested in physical fitness, but more and more athletes are turning to marijuana to give their workouts an edge.

Cannabis Gives Distance Athletes An Edge

The fitness community has slowly been testing the effects of marijuana on athletic performance, with many long-distance competitors swearing by the effects of cannabis products.
Runners say the effects of THC help calm their minds and keep their bodies relaxed and able to go for longer periods of time, while other sportsmen say the drug helps manage their pain post-workout.

Usage Still Prohibited For Most Sports

The World Anti-Doping Agency has banned the use of marijuana during competitions, saying that studies show its effects are useful in decreasing anxiety and increasing airflow into the lungs.
USA Track & Field takes a similar stance saying that athletes competing in running events in America are not allowed to use marijuana in preparation for races.

Ultramarathoners Say Cannabis Is A Popular Pain Management Drug

But marijuana use among athletes is still growing in sports where the drug is not regulated, like ultramarathon running. Many ultramarathon runners, whose races last for roughly 20 hours, consider cannabis to be another form of pain management much like Advil or Tylenol.
Users say the drug helps keep their heart rates lower and makes the time pass more quickly during the long races.
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A New Marketing Opportunity?

Avery Collins, a 22-year-old ultramarathoner, has been sponsored by a Colorado company associated with the state’s marijuana industry and will wear a marijuana leaf logo on his jersey throughout 2015.
He says he uses cannabis products to enhance his training, but doesn’t consume the drug prior to races. The sponsorship deal, though relatively small, may open the door to a new marketing angle for the growing marijuana industry in the U.S.
Laura Brodbeck ~ Yahoo News

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