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Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) March 16, 2015 ~
Founded by a venture capital firm, The Weed Life Network brings together consumers and businesses drawn to the rapidly-growing legal marijuana sector

The Weed Life Network officially launched on Monday – but it has already attracted tens of thousands of consumers and businesses looking to connect and communicate about everything related to the rapidly-growing legal marijuana industry.

The brainchild of Andy Rodosevich and Shawn Tapp, the principal investors behind Life Venture Capital (LVC), The Weed Life Network currently features more than a dozen stand-alone web sites and mobile applications developed specifically for cannabis business and culture.

The network’s flagship site,, allows marijuana consumers to gather online as a community, to connect, share and learn from each other, while helping to establish and strengthen brand recognition for existing and future marijuana-related products.

“ is a cannabis social network where everyone can come and find information, share stories, share images and interact on a social platform with other people that are in the cannabis industry,” said LVC’s Rodosevich.

“This type of social platform helps new and existing businesses in this rapidly-changing industry to learn about their consumers, and adapt their products and services to them faster,” added Tapp. also allows its users to remain anonymous and interact freely on the network, without fear of potential negative feedback from friends, family or employers.

The “big brother” website to is, the industry’s first business social network. Going beyond the basic principles of a social platform, WeedCircles boasts more than a dozen free-to-use online marketing and advertising tools for cannabis businesses.

Each tool, website and app is integrated in to the overall Weed Life platform, creating singular access points in WeedCircles for managing and marketing content that gets distributed throughout multiple sites in the network.

“We wanted to build a platform that could be eventually opened up to other developers in the industry, so they too could add their own creations and content,” said Tapp, “so they can utilize The Weed Life Network as a springboard for distributing their content and creations.”

“The end result is faster, better information that helps cannabis businesses adapt quicker to a seemingly ever-changing industry that’s now in its infancy,” said Rodosevich. “It also helps them collaborate and even partner with one another, in order to provide a better product to consumers.”

The Weed Life Network has also introduced a unique, all-things-cannabis online news presence called, which features the latest in marijuana-related information, medical news, financial analysis, political updates and entertainment trends.

Weed Life went “beta” on New Year’s Day, after two years of development. And while in that preliminary and unofficial testing mode it has seen around 40,000 unique users each week from businesses and consumers in the cannabis industry.

“We really want The Weed Life Network to help businesses connect with each other and with their customers,” said Tapp, “and to let cannabis consumers connect with those businesses, along with advocates or other people who simply enjoy marijuana.”

“This is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States,” added Rodosevich. “It’s a well-established demographic that is itching for an online social and business presence that it can call its own.”

The launch of the network is just the first in a three-phase release of web sites and applications by LVC. When all three phases are completed by mid-2015, Life Venture Capital expects to have more than 40 cannabis-related web sites and apps available, to be used by both cannabis businesses and the general public.

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