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World Cannabis Week Heads to Denver for Third Year

Image of a huge outdoor sign advertising World Cannabis Week in Denver - 420
Will Schmidt ~ TECH.CO ~ 
It was recently announced that the Third Annual World Cannabis Week will be returning Denver, Colorado.
Image of a huge outdoor sign advertising World Cannabis Week in Denver - 420
The event will take place from April 16 to 20 and is slated to be one of the most educational, immersive, and entertaining events to ever debut in the legal cannabis world – some have even taken to calling it the “SXSW of Cannabis”.
World Cannabis Week will bring together industry experts, hands-on workshops, three days of business conference presentations, and VIP access to a week’s worth of premier entertainment. Further, this is the first event of its kind that is working with marijuana-friendly hotels and transportation services to ensure a worry- and paranoia-free experience for everybody.
The driving idea behind World Cannabis Week is to provide a comprehensive, one-stop resource for all information, services, and purchase offerings during the celebration. To that end, they’ve packaged a week’s worth of good times for those looking to immerse themselves in the industry or those simply looking to relax and enjoy it.
However, if you’re interested in attending and assessing the legal market from the business perspective, the Immersion 420 package is the most complete offering. It provides educational, cultural, and legal advice for cannabis entrepreneurs and experienced professionals alike, showcasing three days of speakers and celebrities just steps from the festival.
It also gets you access to the BIG Industry Trade Show, which isn’t open to the public. And, given my personal experiences at trade shows, that’s the best place to be if you’re an entrepreneur or looking to dig up some interesting tech.
And part of what makes World Cannabis Week so interesting to the legal cannabis market is the fact that it’s a transparent look at the industry from the inside out. In a lot of ways, this festival sets a precedent for the professional future of legal cannabis in America, and the fact that it’s the overwhelming leader of 4/20 experiences across Denver says a lot.
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