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 Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) April 13, 2015
Just a month after its official launch, WeedCircles, the legal marijuana industry’s first-ever business social network and marketing platform, is attracting a huge number of cannabis consumers and businesses
 April is a significant month for marijuana enthusiasts and advocates. Along with the annual “420” celebrations on April 20th, more companies, institutional investors and cannabis fans are taking part in the legal marijuana industry as part of the traditional springtime ramp-up of business. 
And that flood of interest in the cannabis sector has become especially evident online at The WeedLife Network, a rapidly-growing group of websites and mobile apps that help bring cannabis businesses together with other businesses and their consumers via B2B (business-to-business and B2C (business-to-consumer) e-commerce.
According to network cofounder Shawn Tapp, WeedLife has seen its web traffic double weekly since its official launch last month – attracting over 500,000 page views so far during the first two weeks of April.
“We have tracked more than 250,000 page views throughout the entire network this week alone,” he notes. “And people aren’t just coming by for a quick peek. The average user time on the network soon after we launched was a half-hour per week; this week we’re averaging just over 1.5 hours. So there’s a lot of pent-up demand out there for cannabis-related news, social media and business-related networking.”
One of Weedlife’s big draws is WeedCircles.com, the legal marijuana industry’s first-ever business social network and marketing platform. The site has dozens of free and ready-to-use online marketing and advertising tools for cannabis businesses, with more being added each month.
“A lot of other websites out there are actually expensive rolodexes; business directories that can cost a company hundreds or in some cases thousands of dollars a year,” adds Weedlife cofounder Andy Rodosevich.
“WeedCircles not only includes a free cannabis business directory; it has dozens of free marketing tools that let companies grow their businesses faster, like our WeedWebsite.com website builder, that’s 100 percent free to use.”
WeedCircles has also gone well beyond the traditional business directory model by building an extensive social network platform -- that lets marijuana-related companies share ideas, collaborate, partner and brand their products and services with one another. And, at the same time, it solicits feedback from cannabis consumers throughout the entire WeedLife Network, creating a virtual focus group for the market testing of brands and services.
And WeedCircles is also developing an international following; with businesses in Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and the UK now taking part in The WeedLife Network. Other countries on the European continent, including Italy, France and Spain, are scheduled to have access later this summer.
Some other WeedLife sites that are seeing a boom in online traffic are the network’s flagship WeedLife.com cannabis social network as well as WeedWorthy.com: the cannabis industry news network that features the latest information, breaking news and analysis of the rapidly-growing and evolving marijuana sector and culture.
And what is currently live on The WeedLife Network is only a preview of what’s to come.
Throughout this year, notes Tapp, “The WeedLife Network will grow an average of one additional website or app, per week through the remainder of the year. We currently have scheduled the additional launch of over 40 online destinations for the industry this year, many of which are already finished, and which will go live once the existing sites reach a certain level of traffic.”
About Weedlife
The WeedLife Network is a series of free-to-use websites, apps and social marketing tools specifically designed to expedite the growth of the cannabis industry and shorten the business learning curve for new companies entering the marketplace.
WeedLife’s network creates an online social platform for the exchange of ideas, products and connections that work with both cannabis producers, distributors and dispensaries, as well as the tens of thousands of ancillary companies supporting the industry.
The WeedLife Network allows cannabis consumers and businesses to communicate and learn more about each other in a more rapid timeframe -- helping them to better target their products, services and customer needs -- as the cannabis sector’s consumer demographic changes, evolves and matures.
For more information, please visit: WeedLifeNetwork.com
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