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Want more from that cannabis high? Try this

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A few simple tricks, like coupling foods or different activities with cannabis, can help a person craft a new weed experience.

After consuming marijuana for years, it’s tough to find novelty with the drug. This isn’t a bad thing; as people grow up with cannabis, they develop their own routines and grooves with the substance. Still, sometimes people want new things and a tolerance break, while likely helpful, is not the only option available.

Mixing cannabis with foods

Mango and mango juice, when consumed alongside cannabis, has long been associated with intense highs. Many speculate that this is linked to the fruit’s myrcene terpenes, which are also present in weed, and their interaction with one another. Full of fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, mangoes may also be be great, healthy option for the munchies.

Another food reported to be associated with strong highs is nuts, which contain fatty acids that bind with cannabinoids and make the high hit a user more quickly.

Sweet potatoes are also a food worth considering, said to put a consumer in a good mood, which is something that might help if marijuana tends to make a person feel paranoid.

Pairing cannabis with different activities

Marijuana seems to be a fairly flexible substance of routine, producing different responses depending on how it is used. If a person smokes weed on the couch, while working out or while with friends, the responses will likely differ. For example, channelling one’s marijuana focus into physical activity can be really effective, especially if this has never been done before.

Smoke in a closed space

Also known as “hot boxing,” toking in a confined space amid the smoke is said to get a consumer high fairly quickly, something to which many a high-schooler would likely attest. If looking to get high and stay high on that rare occasion, hot boxing could be the way to go.

Mix things up

If smoking just isn’t what it used to be, try different methods of consumption. If usually a smoker, a person could try vaping or consuming edibles. If smoking continues to be the method of choice, try using a bong or a vape pen. A switch could offer a much-needed fresh start, making for stronger and longer-lasting highs.

Take a tolerance break

If nothing else works, it may simply be time to take a break. The reduced effect is due to body becoming desensitized to the plant’s psychoactive effects. Most seasoned users swear by tolerance breaks. As is the case with any other substance, this practice gives the body a cleanse of sorts, providing the user with a fresh start.

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